Bangalore Mysore Road Tourist Places

Distance from Bangalore to Mysore by road is about 140 km. The driving time and distance of course depends of from where and when you are staring in Bangalore. Typically a car drive from Bangalore to Mysore takes 3 hours drive.

Tourist Destinations that can be explored during Road trip from Bangalore to Mysore along Mandya are listed below:
Brindavan Garden
Innovative Film City
Ranganthittu Bird Sanctuary
Tipu Sultan's Summer Palace
Wonderla Amusement Park

The Mysore road starts from Majestic, the centre of Bangalore city. If you are driving from the northern part of Bangalore, explore the possibility of using the peripheral ring roads, instead of driving through the middle of the city. You may save a lot of time in that way.

As you reach Bidadi the city traffic practically thins out. You start getting nice views of the rocky outcrops at a distance. Next up near Bidadi town, is Innovative Film City, a multiple entertainment destination with Ripley's museum and Louis Tussaud's Wax museum to name a few.

Ramnagaram area has some stunningly huge boulder hills. The Mysore-Bangalore highway practically crosses through this rocky terrain. On your right at some distance in the horizon you can see a giant wheel of Wonder La amusement park.

At Ramnagaram another state highway intersects the Bangalore-Mysore highway. The right branch leads towards Magedi and further to Tumkur. The left branch goes towards the National Highway 209, passing via Kanakapura. The rock formations around Ramnagaram invite you to indulge in some rock climbing and rappelling. Professionals can venture independently while there are a host of adventure clubs in Bangalore who cater to rookies and intermediates. This town is also known for its silk; several communities undertake sericulture for livelihood.

Moving along, beginning the culture trail is an establishment called Janapada Loka (09:00 - 17:30 hrs except Tuesdays), which is a museum showcasing folk arts and crafts of Karnataka. Present right beside the popular Kamat Lokaruchi, this is part of an initiative to document, showcase, uplift and preserve rural traditions and society.

The Bangalore-Mysore Highway further passes through Channapatina. This place is popular for the brightly colored and lacquer coated wooden toys.

You may spot a number of outlets facing the highway displaying the candy colored wood articles in this area. There's another Kamath's on the highway near Channapatna on the left. Also there is a McDonald's and Cafe Coffee Day on the left. Sign boards for both appear well ahead. After Channapatana on your right are Indradanush and the Cafe Coffee Day on the same compound on the right side of your road. While Cafe Coffee Day serves Cappuccino and Burger themes, Indradanush offers the typical south Indian menu. Just next to Indradanush is the MTR . The ambient is not inspiring, but they serve tasty south Indian food.

Further ahead, near Madur the SH-33 crosses your highway. Towards right it leads to NH 48 at Kunigal and towards right the SH-33 leads to Malavalli where it meets NH 209. Though not as 'exotic' as the other drive-ins mentioned here, Madur too have a couple of good places to stop for a snacks break. Maddur Tiffanys before Maddur, Amaravathi just before Mandya, Nandini Deluxe in Mandya are other subsequent options before reaching Mysore. After Mandya before hitting Srirangapatna a major road joins the Bangalore-Mysore highway on your right.

Paddy and sugarcane fields will befriend you through Maddur and Mandya as jaggery production is primary livelihood around here. If stationary, a band of street hawkers will approach you with a typical savoury called Maddur vada, after its namesake town. This serves as a good accompaniment for tea from roadside stalls.

Upstream river Cauvery, India's second largest waterfalls and possibly Asia's first hydel power project, Shivanasamudra; and the legend surrounding pilgrimage site with sand-covered temples of Talakad (45 km before Mysore) can be accessed; both a short drive off the highway.

A giant signboard stands across the highway announcing the entry to Srirangapatna. The above mentioned road on your right goes towards Nagamangala and SH-7. The remains of the Fort, Rangaswamy temple, Tippu's palace etc are towards your right. After entering the town through a long bridge take the right.

This is a bit messy junction and usually a traffic policeman regulates the traffic here. A little ahead on the highway on your left side you can see some signboards giving direction to the monuments on located the left side of the highway. Tippu's summer palace, Gumbaz, the Nimishamba Temple etc are located in this part.

A little ahead on the highway you will exit Srirangapatna through the second bridge. 1 km after you exit the island, you can see a steep right branch road at an expansive junction. Leave the highway and take this road if you want to head straight to Brindavan Gardens, KRS and Ranganthittu Bird Sanctuary without entering Mysore city. This road will eventually merge with the KRS Road and further it will join the SH88 (Hunsur Road) at a place called Yelwal, some 12km outside Mysore city on the opposite site.

Those who want to skip Mysore city altogether can take this bypass route. Otherwise about 8 kilometers from the bridge that you exited Srirangapatna, comes the Outer Ring Road that crosses the Mysore highway. Mysore city centre is some 5.5 kilometers ahead from this point. From this point onwards there are many branch roads that goes towards and around the city. So it depends on where are you heading to in Mysore.

Mysore is also renowned for silk sarees; gifts, souvenirs and cosmetics in sandalwood; the dessert sweet Mysore Pak just adds to the city's importance and a glimpse in to the royal heritage that abounds.

Speaking of royalty, Amba Vilas Palace known famously as Palace of Mysore (10:00 - 17:30 hrs), is the official home of the erstwhile family of Wodeyars. This, a huge attraction, which hosts Mysore Dusshera festival annually, illuminates every Sunday night for an hour. Guided tours (10:00 - 17:30 hrs) of the opulent complex and interiors go on every day.

As a source of drinking water for Mysore and Bangalore, Krishna Raja Sagar dam across river Cauvery is vital. Located off Mysore, it hosts a water and light fountain show every evening in its ornamental Brindavan Gardens. Twenty minutes from Mysore, Chamundi hills, is one of the eight most sacred hills in South India with two temples. You may choose to climb on foot via 1000 odd staircases or drive/ride to the top. It gives a panoramic view of the city and its monuments.