Basavaraja Durga Island

Basavaraja Durga Island is an island in the Arabian Sea. Basavaraja Durga Island is situated about 3 kms from Honnavar. Basavaraja Durga Island is famous for its historical Island fort, built during the regime of Shivappa Nayaka, king of Keladi dynasty.

Basavaraja Fort
Basavaraja fort was an island fortress situated in the Arabian sea off the coast of Uttara Kannada District, Honnavar Taluk in Karnataka state. The island can be reached by boat and is 4km from Honnavar, 3km from Sharavati Bay and just 1km from Pavinakurva village.

The landing place is at the southeastern part of the island at the old entrance of the fort. The island has a total area of 19 hectares and an elevation of 45 to 50m. The top of the island is a plateau covered with dry grass and trees that can be seen only at the sloping part of the island. There are a number of fresh water wells. This fort is surrounded by a strong fortification raised by gigantic blocks. It has eight ruined mounted guns.

The fort was constructed during Vijayanagar rule in 1690. Keladi ruler Shivappa Nayaka captured it and named it Basavaraja Durga in memory of Keladi prince Basavaraj.

Basavaraja Temple
This island has a temple constructed by the ruler between the 16th and 17th century. People especially fishermen and boat owners visit the temple with their families once a year on Makarashankaranthi Day on 14 January to perform a pooja to protect, guide them from nature's harm throughout the year while working on the sea.