Bhalki is a town and a taluka, in Bidar district in Karnataka. Bhalki Pincode is 585328 & STD Code is 91-8484.

Bhalki Fort
Located in the old Bhalki town, it hosts a variety of buildings, including the Satyaniketan School, residences, Kumbheshwar (Ganesh) Temple, etc. This fort is locally known as the 'Gadi' (from gad, meaning a fort in Kannada and Marathi).

Bhalkeshwar Temple
This temple is close to the fort, and dedicated to Shiva. There is also an adjoining stepped well, which is lined with locally abundant black basalt stones.

Ram Temple
Also known as Balaji temple, is in the Gunj area of the town. The temple was built in 1945 by the Sant Mahant Shri Premdas Baba and reconstructed under the guidance of the Marwadi Samaj in 1980.

Rameshwara Tekadee
Located on a hill (TekaDee - hill in Marathi) a couple of kilometres north-east of the new town centre, this is a historical fort-like structure offering a panoramic view of the surrounding plains. It also hosts a temple.

Old Town
This is the historic Bhalki town protected by the fort. The old town is a typical example of a medieval Deccan fortified town, with old style residential houses, albeit now modified to suit modern needs. The historic Hiremath Samsthan, started by His Holiness Sri Chennabasava Pattadevaru, is also located in the old town.

Bhalki Tank
An artificial lake created for rainwater harvesting, and a view point for some spectacular winter sunsets.

Bhatambra Fort
Bhatambra is famous for the 12th century fort located in the village. The fort is in good condition. Bhatambra is 12 km from Bhalki.