Bidadi is a town situated on the Bangalore - Mysore expressway and is in the Ramanagaram Taluk of Ramanagara district in Karnataka. Bidadi is located just 34.8 km from Bangalore.

The Bangalore Metropolitan Development Authority is planning a Township in Bidadi to be developed on a public-private partnership model and DLF has won the bid and it is a 60000 crore project. This township would be named as "Bidadi Knowledge City".

Famous Golf club Eagleton and magnolia resorts resides in Bidadi premises. Major residential project's are taken up by private developers as it is the next big industrial and development area of Bangalore.

Sacred Banyan Tree in Bidadi Ashram
The Sacred Banyan Tree is located on the divine soil of the Nithyananda Ashram, the headquarters of the Nithyananda global spiritual movement at Bidadi, near Bengaluru. It is also the "Bidadi Banyan Tree", 'Bidadi Kalpa Vriksha'. The Banyan Tree is a cosmic power house, an energy field by itself that has the power to manifest our true desires into reality. This energy field directly enriched by the physical presence of an Incarnation, creates a space for possibilities to open up within us.

Paramahamsa Nithyananda saw the sacred Banyan tree in a divine vision on realizing His Incarnation's mission on the planet. He spent months searching and upon finding it, established the ashram in January 2003 on the very sacred grounds where the banyan tree is rooted for ages. At once, He spotted it, and knew this Banyan Tree is the sacred cosmic hub from which His global Sanga will radiate the enlightened consciousness to the world, and beyond.

Today, this sacred Banyan Tree is considered to be the guiding spirit of the Ashram, and the Sanga. The vast canopy umbrella of this ancient tree encloses a space resonant with spiritual energies. It is under this umbrella the majestic statue of Dakshinamurti resides, the first-ever Guru, the incarnation of Lord Shiva, imparting the deepest spiritual truths to His disciples in pure vibrating silence.

Over the years, this sacred space has acquired a powerful reputation for healing, wish-fulfillment and awakening spiritual clarity, and draws visitors and seekers from around the world. The vibrations in this space are so distinct that even the casual visitor can feel its effects.