Dharmaraya Swamy Temple

Shri Dharmaraya Swamy Temple is one of the oldest and famous temple situated in Bangalore. It is unique as it is dedicated to the Pandavas and not found anywhere else in India.

The temple resembles the architectural features of the Gangas, the Pallavas and the Vijayanagara styles. The garbhagruha is in Ganga style, the vimanagopura is in Pallava style and the mukhamantapa is in Vijayanagar style, which shows the development of this temple in three different ages. The fourth stage of development of rajagopura and sabhangana was taken up in the 20th century.

The earlier rajagopura was built well before Kempe gowda founded Bangalore in the year 1530 A.D. Kempe Gowda was an ardent devotee of this temple. Bangalore city was designed keeping this temple as its reference. The temple area was developed as Halasuru pete. This area is also known as Kalyanapuri. The temple had vast area around with a Kalyani & Dharmachatra, which however are not found today.

There were Pallavas style carved chambers between prangana & the newly built sabhangana, these carved chambers were removed and replaced by Ashtalakshmi Idols. The study quotes that the vimanagopura which is in the Pallava style matches with that of the Magadi temples & Halasuru temples built by Kempe Gowda.

Dharmaraya Swamy Temple
Sri Dharmaraya Swamy Temple Main Road,
OTC, Road, Thigalarpet, Nagarathpeta,
Bengaluru, Karnataka 560002
Phone Number: 080553 34310