Dindigul is a 11th largest Urban Agglomeration based on census 2011 in Tamil Nadu. The name Dindigul comes from the Portmanteau of "Thindu" meaning pillow and "kal" meaning Rock and refers to the bare hill dominating the city's both land and skyscape. While it is largely known as the "City of Locks,Briyani City, Textiles and Tannery", this piece of land sandwiched between the Palani and Sirumalai Hills has 200,000 hectares of cultivable land and agriculture continues to be the main occupation of its inhabitants. A reserved forest area of 85 hectares rich in flora and fauna enhances Dindigul's appeal. Particularly the Kurinji flowers found on the rolling green hills of lower Palani range, which bloom once in 12 years is well known. Distance from Kovilpatti to Theni is 149 Km. Distance between Dindigul and Theni is 67 Km.

Dindigul Rock Fort, Dindigul
Dindigul Rock Fort, a historical fort measuring 280 ft in height, is situated near the main town of Dindigul. The fort was constructed by Naik king Muthu Krishnappa Naicker in 1605. Dindigul Fort is on the hill at a height of 280 ft. In the year 1605, Madurai King 'Muthu Krishna Naicker' started the construction of this Fort. In 1623 to 1659, Mannar Thirumalai Naicker completed this. In 1755, Hyder Ali was escorting Fakhr-Un-Nisha his wife and Five years old Tipu to Dindigul. From 1784 to 1790, the Fort was under the rule of 'Tipu Sultan'. In 1784, the Tipu's commandant Syed Ibrahim, under whose care the Fort was, constructed many rooms in the Fort, strengthened the walls and also conducted repairs. During the year 1790 in the Mysore war, Tipu was defeated and the Fort came into the hands of English.

Berijam Lake, Dindigul
Berijam Lake is located amidst thick woods in Kodaikanal and is considered to be the major source of water in Periyakulam town.

Sirumalai Hill Resort
Sirumalai Hill Resort is a Hill resort for weary travelers and is on the way to Natham from Dindigul. This place is accessible from Madurai also.

Thadikombu Perumal Temple
Thadikombu Perumal Temple is at a distance of 5 km. from Dindigul on the way to Karur. The main deity is Lord Alagar and the main festival is during the Tamil month of Chitrai (April-May).

Begambur Mosque
Begambur Mosque is a famous mosque in Begambur Pallivasal and is around 200-300 years old.

Sri Kottai Mariamman Kovil
Sri Kottai Mariamman Kovil - This is an ancient temple believed to be 200 years old and the idol is believed to have been installed by the King Tipu Sultan. There are many deities in this temple like Mariamman which is the main deity, Vinayaka, Muruga, Madurai Veeran, Kali and Durga. The temple structure is in the form of a square. The temple is run by a board of Trustees.

Kasi Visalakshi-vishwanathar Temple
Kasi Visalakshi-Vishwanathar Temple in Kunnuvarankottai or Kunnapatti (Pronounced as "Kannapatti") is eight kilometers from Batlagundu on the Batlagundu-Usilampatti road. (It is to be noted that locals pronounce the village name as Kunnuvarankottai or "Kannapatti" (This area is also referred in the biography of Sri Sacchidananda Bharathi-I). This is the birthplace of the 25th Pontiff of the Sringeri Sarada Peetam Sri Sacchidananda Bharathi I. There are regular buses every 30 minutes from Batlagundu bus stand to Usilampatti (the bus stop is better known as Kannapatti. It is advisable to visit the temple in the mornings from 7:30 am - 11:30 am. Shri V.Viswanathan is the priest of this temple. One main advantage of this temple is that it is just very close (walkable distance) to the main Batlagundu - Usilamapatti road and is easily accessible to devotees. There are budget restaurants in Batlagundu that serve South-Indian dishes. An added attraction is the point of confluence of the three rivers Vaigai, Manjalaru and Maruda. It is pertinent to note that the river Vaigai flows northward near this village. This is an important pilgrimage point where devotees take holy bath in the rivers during auspicious days.

Kamakshiamman Temple, Devadanapatti
Kamakshiamman Temple in Devadanapatti is eight kilometers away on the Batlagundu-Peryakulam road. The deity here is called as Moongilanai Kamakshi. There are regular buses from Batlagundu bus stand (every 10 minutes) to Periyakulam. (the bus stop is Devadanapatti).

Anjaneyar Temple, Anapatti
Anjaneyar Temple in Anapatti is 5 kilometers from Nilakottai Taluk is quite popular among residents of this area. Nilakottai is 11 kilomteres from Batlagundu bus stand. This is said to be 300 year old temple built by Queen of Madurai Rani Mangamma. The idol will be half buried when the water is in full flow here. This temple is near the Peranai bridge (see site below) and regulator constructed by the British.

Sendraya Perumal Temple
Sendraya Perumal Temple There is an ancient temple of Sri Sendraya Perumal situated on a hill near old Batlagundu. Mr Kannan is a priest in this temple. He is involved in developmental activities like Anna Thaanam (a programme provide free meals) and building new Mandabams (halls). People of all faiths and religions visit this temple. The temple festival is held in Kottaipatti village every other year. The temple is located on the way to the Kodaikanal hills.

Peranai Reservoir
Peranai is a reservoir and a fine picnic spot from October to late February, provided the north-east monsoon sets properly and water is released from the Vaigai Dam. Peranai is a unique confluence of waters from several dams - the Vaigai Dam, the Marudanadi Dam in Dindigul, the Manjalar, and Varahanadi Dams in Theni. It is not a separate catchment area but collects and diverts water released from the Vaigai every year. This is in Nilakottai taluk of Dindigul. It is approximately 15 kilometres from Nilakottai town on the Madurai-Kodaikanal road.

Manjalar Dam
Manjalar Dam This is a reservoir that stores water from Manjalar river on the foothills of Kodiakanal hillstation. This is roughly 8-10 km away from Batlagundu bus stand. This is a place to visit during monsoons from October to March if the monsoon sets properly.

Siddharmalai, a hillock 2 kilometres from Peranai and near the Vikkiramangalam village on the Usilampatti main road. There is a large natural cavern on the southern side of the hillock called the Pancha Pandava Padukkai (Bed of the Five Pandavas'). There are two rows of beds with raised pillows chiselled out of the rock inside. There is an inscription on the rock face that traces the origin of the name of Madurai city - 'Mathirai' (City of Walls).

St. Joseph Church
St.Joseph Church is a 100-year-old church which was constructed between 1866 to 1872. This is the head church of all other Roman Catholic churches in Dindigul District.

Nagal Nagar Perumal Temple
Nagal Nagar perumal Temple is a Vishnu temple which is in Nagal nagar near the Railway bridge which is directed by Nagal Nagar Sourashtra Shaba.

Karuppanna Saamy Temple
Karuppanna Saamy Temple located in a village called Kuttiya patty. Karuppanna Saamy Temple is 5 Km from dindigul town to theni road.This temple was shown in a tamil film named KOODAL NAGAR.

Kodaikanal is the tourist place which is located (Dindigul District) 100 km from dindigul and 115 km from madurai. This is always a good place to visit in summer. It is in the Western Ghats and called Princess of Hill Stations. Peranai and Sirumalai are the other two picnic spots of this district. There are four dams namely, Palar Porandalar, Varathamanathi, Pabap Palar in Palani Taluk and Maruthanathi in Dindigul Taluk augment irrigation facilities to agricultural fields in this district.

Palani located in Palani Hills is famous Murugan Temple. This temple was built at top of the mountain. It is 60 km from Dindigul.

Vedasandur is one of the taluka in Dindigul district. Vedasandur is a small town which has few good places to visit. Vishnu Temple (on River bank) Shri Bhaktha Anjaneyar Kovil '51 ft biggest anjaneyar'(Vedasandur to Oddanchatram Highway 152) Kunguma Kaliamman Kovil (on River bank) Pathra Kaliamman Kovil (on River bank) Mariamman Kovil (town centre) Mosque (Near bus stand) Darga (Near bus stand) Fathima Madha Church (Fathima Nagar)

Vedasandur has been a centre of tobacco trade and a manufacturer of cigars from the time of British rule. Chirut, the favorite cigar of Winston Churchill, the 'Light of Asia', was produced in Dindigul. The tobacco industry is one of the main sources of employment for the inhabitants of Vedasandur

Vadamadurai is a panchayat under Vedasandur taluka, located 18 km from Dindigul in the way to Trichy (Dindugul- Trichy NH 45)It gains fame due to the spinning mills, and Sri Sounderraja Perumal temple . The Perumal Temple festival is very famous in the panchayat.

Sirumalai hill is near to Dindigul city. Travel Direction: Start your journey towards Natham from Dindigul. Sirumalai hill is known for its bananas(known as siru'malai' vaalaipalam). Sirumalai hill's bananas is exported to Foreign countries from past. Many rare herbs are available in Sirumali hill. As a tourist spot the developments for the artificial lake is on construction and soon will be opened for boating expected, by mid of 2011. The students from schools & colleges go for trekking and for other fun activities. The Hill has totally 18 hair-pin bends and on the middle of the travel you can able to find a church and a view point from where you can watch the beauty of Dindigul city also the "Dindigul Rock Fort" and few lakes. The climate here is enjoyable and it is too cool once you reach top of the hill town.

Vellam Patty
Vellam patty is famous Marimuthu swamy Temple. It is located in vellam patty. This temple was built at top of the mountain. It is 16 km from Dindigul.

It is 25KM from Dindigul. Ayyalur has a huge tomato market. People from nearby villages come for selling their agri products.

By Road: NH7 passes though dindigul NH 209 starts from dindigul.

By Train: Dindigul railway station is one of the important station in south Tamil Nadu. Dindigul bridges the entire south Tamil Nadu into other region of Tamil Nadu like Trichy, Madurai, Coimbatore, Erode and Karur.