Dubare Forests

Dubare Forest is an ever green forest. Dubare Forest has an Elephant Training Centre and a lovely Picnic Spot. It is also a natural island of a River. The forest camp is rich in Flora and Fauna and is always on the hotlist of nature and wildlife loving tourists.

Dubare Elephant Camp
Dubare Elephant Camp is located at the edge of Dubare forest, on the bank of the river Kaveri, on the Kushalanagar - Siddapur road in Kodagu district. This is mainly an elephant-capturing and training camp of the Forest Department. Nearly 150 elephants are trained in various camps. The wild elephants are tamed and trained with the help of other tamed elephants and local tribes (the Kurubas). The Elephants tamed here, attend various jobs during the day and at night they come down to the river to bathe and to be scrubbed clean by their mahouts.

The Elephants used for the famous Mysore Dasara procession (also known as Jumboo Savari) held on the streets of Mysore city are trained at Dubare Elephant Camp.

The tourists and lovers of wildlife spend hours in the Dubare Elephant Camp observing the habits of elephants and participating in the daily activities of these animals, such as feeding and bathing.

The moist deciduous forests of Dubare are home to many wild animals and a variety of birds.

The Dubare Elephant Camp is open throughout the year. The best time to visit the camp is between September and March.