Gajanur is a village 12 km from Shivamogga in the Shimoga district of Karnataka. The Tunga River flows through the village. Gajanur is well known for the dam built across the river. 1 km from Gajanur there is place called "Sakkarebaylu" which is an elephant training camp run by the government of India. located on the banks of the Tunga river. Gajanur is 15 km from Mandagadde bird life sanctuary. There is a JNV, Gajanur (JVNG) boarding school near Gajanur. JNVG is funded by the Indian Ministry of Human Resources Development.

Mandagadde Bird Life Sanctuary
Mandagadde bird life sanctuary is one of the few bird sanctuaries in the Malnad region of the Karnataka. A small island is formed by the flowing river Tunga and every year, three species of migratory birds take shelter on the leafless trees found here: the median egret, the little cormorant and the darter. During the peak season in August, the total number of birds in the sanctuary is estimated at 5000. A watchtower has been erected for viewing these winged visitors. Boating arrangements for closer viewing of the nesting birds have also been made by the Forest Department.

On the way to the Mandagadde bird sanctuary, you can also visit the Gajanur Dam and the Elephant training camp at Sakrebyle.

Gajanur Dam
12 km from Shivamogga is the Gajanur Dam which is in the Gajanur village. The river Tunga flows in the village and the dam is built on this river.

The place is a famous picnic spot and is hardly 10 km from Shimoga district. This place has a large elephant camp running here which is the main attraction of this place. It is a sight to behold when the elephants are trained and bathed. The gajanur dam itself is an engineering marvel. It is 770 m long and has a spillway of 334 m. The security system in here is very strong and one need not worry much while exploring the place. Due to high security people are banned from visiting across a certain level. The best time to visit the place is from post monsoon and winters.

Sakrebailu Elephant Camp
Sakrebailu Elephant Camp is located just 1 km away from Gajanur Dam. Sakrebailu Elephant Camp is located at a distance of 14 Km from Shimoga city on Shimoga - Thirthahalli road. The elephants are trained by the experts on the bank of River Tunga.

Sakrebailu Elephant Camp houses a number of elephants and these elephants will be trained by experienced Mahouts. Elephants from the nearby forests arrives this place to take bath, have snacks and play in the Backwaters of River Tunga before they go back to the forest.