Tourist Attractions around Near/Hampi

Pattabhirama Temple:
Pattabhirama Temple is as large as the ornate Vittala Temple, but is less impressive, as the carvings are not very fine. This temple was dedicated to Lord Rama. This has an underground walk way around the inner sanctum for Pradakshina. One can also see a Pushkarni infront of this temple, lying in a damaged state.

Anegondi Fort
Anegondi Fort Across the river Tungabhadra, is an ancient historical town known as Anegondi. It had formed the northern outpost of Vijayanagara Empire. It is now represented by a broken fort wall and its ruins scattered about the present village of Anegondi. There are lot of temples and civil buildings. Apart from Pampa sarovara and Navarundavana.

Tungabhadra Dam
Tungabhadra Dam is built across the river Tungabhadra. It is one of the biggest multi purpose dams in Karnataka. It is spread over an area of 400 sq.kms. It has 33 gates from which water gushes out forming it into a breath-taking site. The water canals of this Dam genarate 27 mega watts of electricity and also irrigates thousands of acres of lands. This dam also forms a great place of recreation for tourists with its beautiful gardens, children play parks, aquarium and musical fountain.

Hampi University
Hampi university is an unique university for Kannada language, which is used by students to study PHD on various subjects related to kannada culture. This campus is spread over 100 acres of land. Here one can appreciate the efforts put by the Engineers to adopt the ancient architecture of Vijayanagara Empire, in its buildings.

Daroji Bear Sanctuary
The Daroji Bear sanctuary is the first sloth bear sanctuary in Asia and is situated 25 kms away from Hospet. The total area of the sanctuary is around 55.873 sq.kms. The area is full of white rocky out crops, boulders, caves and crevices that are ideally suited as a habitat for sloth bears. There are more than 150 sloth bears reported to exist in the sanctuary. Apart from the bears one can also find wolves, jackals, striped hyenas, monkeys, leopards and peacocks.

Octagonal Bath
The Octagonal Bath has a large open Mantapa with four centered Arches. Springing from heavy square pillars. Originally this must have had very fine stucco decoration. The use of this is not known.


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