Places to Visit in Hampi

The most popular Tourist Places to visit in hampi in one day are Achyutaraya Temple, Archaeological Museum, Monkey Temple (Hanuman Temple), Elephant Stables, Zenana Enclosure, Vijaya Vittala Temple, Kings Balanve (Tulapurushandana), Hampi Bazaar, Lotus Temple, Underground Shiva Temple, Queen's bath, Old Palace (Gagan Mahal), Hemakuta Hill Temples, Sasivekalu Ganesha, Shri Krishna Temple, Hazara Ram Temple, Laxmi Narasimha Temple and Virupaksha Temple.

Hazara Ram Temple
Located in the centre of Hampi, the temple is one of the smallest temples. The walls of the temple have episodes from Ramayana. The temple has been functioning as a private temple for the king and the Royal family. The temple got its name "Hazara Temple" (a thousand Ram) Temple because of its Ramayana Panels on the walls.

Monkey Temple
Monkey Temple is located at a serene spot on Anjanadri Hill in Anegundi. This Hampi Temple is located 4 km from Hampi and is believed to be the birth place of Lord Hanuman. This Monkey Temple is basically a small concrete structure consisting of a granite carved statue of Lord Hanuman along with a small shrine of Lord Rama and his wife Devi Sita. Some of the other places to visit near the Monkey Temple include Pampa Sarovara Laxmi Temple, Bukkaa Aquaduct, Anegondi Fort and Rishyamukha Sarovara.

Achyutaraya Temple
Achyutaraya Temple located between Gandhamadana and Matanga Hills. The temple was established in 1534 AD by Achyuta Deva Raya and was originally named Tiruvengalanatha, but gradually it became popular by the King's name. It is dedicated to Lord Venkateshwara.

Krishna Temple
This temple was built in 1513 AD in order to commemorate the conquest of the Eastern kingdom of Udayagiri (present day Odisha State) by king Krishnadevaraya. A figure of Balakrishna (infant Lord Krishna) was the main idol to be installed in the temple, which in present time is displayed in the Chennai State Museum. The history of this temple is inscribed on a huge slab that is installed in the temple’s courtyard. The pillars inside the temple are quite unique in their design and architecture especially the Yalis or the mythical lion along with carvings of elephant balustrades.

Sasivekalu Ganesha
This monolithic statue measure 2.4 metres in height and is carved out of a huge boulder. There is an open pavillion built around the statue, which is believed to be constructed by a trader from Chandragiri (present day Andhra Pradesh) in the memory of Narsimha II the mighty Vijaynagara king.

Hemakuta Hill Temples
Hemakuta Hill, which consists of a large number of temples, archways and pavillions being guarded by the tall wide stoned walls, the ruins of which can still be seen here. Most of the temples here are dedicated to Lord Shiva, as there runs a myth that it was on this hill that the Lord had married the local girl Pampa after his penance and also that it was the same place where he had burnt Kama the God of lust for having distracted him from his penance in order to help Pampa marry him.

Underground Shiva Temple
This underground temple of Lord Shiva is one of the oldest temples in Hampi. One enters the temple by passing through the main tower, which is supposedly an incomplete addition done later on. There is a series of steps along the axis of this tower that leads you to the sanctum, which further takes you down to the inner part of the temple. There is a cubical pillared main hall in front of the shrine.

Elephant Stables
Elephant Stables in Hampi is a must see place for history buffs. There are 11 chmabers, with the one in the center grander than all the others, with its temple-style tower. Inside the chambers, one can see metal hooks which were used in tying the elephants. Opening hours of Elephant Stables is 08:30 am to 05:30 pm. The entry fees for Elephant Stables for Indians is Rs. 10 and Foreigners are Rs. 220. camera fees and other charges are applicable.

Hampi Bazaar
The Hampi Bazaar, also well known as the Virupaksha Bazaar is a kilometre long street at the foothill of the Matanga Hill located in front of the Virupaksha Temple. On both sides of the street are an array of old pavillions, which were once the part of the thriving market and also the residence of the nobles.

Queen's Bath
If you enter the Hampi complex from the South-West corner, then the Queen’s Bath is the first of the ruins that you would visit. From outside this building appears to be a plain rectangular complex encircled by a big water channel that one might need to cross at some places using the bridge-like structure. This entire building and its surroundings have been designed in the Indo-Saracenic style of architecture. There is a small garden outside the Queen's Bath, which serves as a fine picnic spot.

Places to visit nearby Hampi

Places to visit outside and nearby Hampi are Daroji Bear sanctuary, Bellary fort, Pattadakal (97 km), Badami (106 km), Bijapur (185 km) and Dandeli(198 km).

Best Time to visit Hampi

Weather of Hampi remains very cool in October and November. This is the best time to visit Hampi. The summer season at the place comes with the month of March and till the month of May the season remains hot. The hot climate is infact scorching. The maximum temperature at the place that recorded is about 40 deg C. The monsoon season here arrives in the month of June and till the month of August the season remains wet. The winter season at this place comes with the arrival of month November and till the month of February a pleasant chill prevails. The highest temperature here is about 32 deg C and the lowest temperature is about 12 deg C.

How to reach Hampi

The nearest international airport around is 350 km away. The domestic airport nearby Hampi is Bellary that allows tourists to reach the place comfortably. Bellary airport is located at a distance of 60 km so tourists can easily commute to land and take off from here. Tourists from here can take a taxi cab to reach Hampi comfortably. The nearest railhead from Hampi is Hospet that is at a distance of 13 km. Tourists can hire taxi or cab to reach the place comfortably. Hospet is well connected to major cities and towns and some of them are Bangalore, Hyderabad, Goa etc. Hampi is well connected by bus services from all major cities and towns. There are many private buses, tourist buses, luxury buses and state buses that run from place to place so tourists can easily reach the place without any difficulty. Hyderabad (361km), Bangalore (372km) and Hubli (162km) can be travelled to by road.