Hosadurga is a Town and Taluk in Chitradurga district in Karnataka.

Sri Mutt Sanehalli
Sanehalli village has a Mutt and houses a theatre institute, and its Repertory company takes out shows to towns and cities across Karnataka every November. A branch of the Sri Taralabalu Jagadguru Brihanmath is located here. Sri. Panditaradya Swamiji is the head of the Matt. The Shivasanchara Drama Company was founded by him. The pontiff is a playwright of some merit, and produces theatre students describe as morality plays, but he is better known as an enlightened supporter of theatre education.

One of the historical places located 10 km away from Hosadurga and here is one Ancient (Cholas regime) Temple called Sri Prasanna Channa Keshva Swamy. It has a beautiful chariot, and other various ancient idols. Baguru was derived by "BAGHYAPURI". There are "101 temples" as well as "101 wells" in Bagur.[citation needed] This village is also known as " Sannakki Baguru" reason is that since several years, this village is producing small size rice.

Bhageerata Peeta
This famous pilgrim center is situated at Bramha Vidyanagara, which is near Hosadurga town. The matt is headed by Sri Sri Sri Purushothamanada Puri Mahaswamiji. The Matt runs various educational institutions, conducts Mass Marriage programs and cultural activities for poor and the downtrodden.

Dasharatha Rameshwara
This place,also known as Varjra is considered sacred by local people. According to Indian Epic Ramayana, Shravana was killed by King Dasharatha. As a mark of repentance, King Dasharatha installed and worshipped a Shiva Linga with his son Rama, which is therefore called as Dasharatha Rameshwara.

Halu Rameshwara is the known for sacred for childless couples.

Kellodu village
River Vedavathi flows through the taluk to get bridged at Mari Kanive dam, The river is one of the main source for drinking water for the town of Hosadurga. At kellodu the water supply department has its facility to pump and distribute water to the Hosadurga town.

Hosadurga Fort
There is a fort on top of the hill in Hosadurga and it is believed that there is an underground tunnel connection between Chitradurga and Hosadurga Forts.

Sri Gaviranganatha swamy temple Gavirangapura
Sri Gaviranganatha swamy temple is a sacred place of the taluk, which lies on state highway SH-47 after Boodihal, Srirampura. It is known for structures and surrounding hills. Thousands of thousands people do visit here every year. This place has facilities to stay in the night.

Halu Rameshwara Temple

Halu Rameshwara Temple is a beautiful religious site located in Hosadurga Taluk of Chitradurga District. The temple is renowned among devotees for the most outstanding feature, ‘The Wishing Well’, from which articles and eatables like rice, banana, flowers, betel leaves, bangles, coco nuts etc., miraculously pop up from the well according to the wishes made by the devotees. The presiding deity in Halu Rameshwara Temple is Lord Shiva.

There is a legend associated with Halu Rameshwara Temple. The wife of a Mysore Maharaja is believed to have visited the temple and performed a special puja here as she was childless even after several years of marriage. Her visit bore fruit and she conceived, giving birth to a baby. Since then, Halu Rameshwara Temple is crowded by devotees who come here in the belief that their wishes will be fulfilled.

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