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Hotels Resorts in Mahadeshwara, Karnataka

Hotels, Resorts, Accommodation & Homestays in Male Mahadeshwara Betta with Tariff, Phone Number, Rental Apartments, 3-Star 5-Star Hotels Budget Rooms Availability, Rooms Booking, Economy Hotels and Online Booking, Reviews & Rating. Male Mahadeshwara Betta Boarding, Lodges, guest house, lodging facility to refresh, Cottages, Premium hotels and Dormitory offering Best Rates, Cashback and Discounts.

Guru Darshini

Male Mahadeshwarabetta, Karnataka 571490
3 beds / 6 persons
Phone Number : 0822-5272108, 087927 77607
Tariff: Rs.150

Shiva Darshini

3 beds / 6 persons
Phone Number : 0822-5272139
Tariff: Rs. 200

Mahadeshwara Guest House

Double Cots / 4 persons
Phone Number : 0822-5272124
Tariff: Rs. 100

Mahadeshwara Kalyanamantap, Kollegal

Phone Number : 0822-5252968

Ac Rooms in Mahadeshwara Hills