Humbucha Padmavathi Temple

Humbucha also known as Humbaj, Humcha and Humchawadi is famous for the Padmavathi temple. Best season to visit is Oct to Jun. Apart from the ancient Padmavathi temple, one can visit oldest seat of Battaraka order belonging to Jain religion. Panchakuta Basadi with Mahavira Thirthankara image can be found here.

How to Reach Humbucha
By Road: Humbucha is 380kms from Bengaluru. One can reach Humcha via Shimoga. Its around 60 kms from Shimoga. Shimoga is connected bangalore by Bus and Train

By Rail: Near by Railway stations are Malur at a distance of 20 km, Shimoga at a distance of 28 km and Shimoga Town at a distance of 28 km