Kalyani Chowka

Kalyani Chowka is located in the district of Shimoga in Karnataka. Kalyani Chowka is renowned for its scenery and it is a good place to unwind. Kalyani Chowka has a pleasant weather throughout the year and tourists can visit the place during most of the year. However the monsoon season may not be a good time to visit Kalyani Chowka as rainfall might be heavy. Kalyani Chowka has many hotels that are reasonably priced and tourists can opt to stay in some resorts that are surrounded by natural beauty. Most of the resorts cost around Rs 3000 per night and many of them are amid plantations and are well worth the money. Many old bungalows have been converted into resorts and staying in these can be a pleasant experience. Kalyani Chowka can be reached from Bangalore by buses and cabs.

Tourists have the option of camping in tents during the night. This is an experience that is catered to more adventurous travelers. There are many falls such as the Dabbe Falls, Barkana Falls, Job Falls and Hidlumune Falls. Some of the other tourist's attractions are temples and trekking sites. There are many places untouched by tourist activities such as Heggaru, Nishane Gudda and Ubburu which are scenic and good places for a nature walk.

Kalyani Chowka is approximately 300 km from Bangalore and can be reached in 6 hours from the city. The nearest railway station to Kalyani Chowka is Shimoga. Tourists can opt for any of three options to reach Shimoga. There are trains, buses and cars from Bangalore to Shimoga.