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The only Anjaneya Swami consecrated by Sri Bhagavatpada - Jagadguru Sri Adi Ahankaracharya is housed in the temple in west corner of Sringeri. Sri Anjaneya swami of this kshetra is known as Kere Sri Anjaneya. Today if you go to Sringeri, the new bus stand had been constructed over the place where once a lake was there. In Kannada language 'kere' means lake. Since originally Sri Anjaneya Swami was consecrated on the banks of the lake He is known as Kere Sri Anjaneya.

Sri Kere Sri Anjaneya was constructed for Sri Kere Sri Anjaneya Swami consecrated by Sri Bhagavatpada on the banks of the lake. Sri Kere Sri Anjaneya is located just opposite to the Sringeri new bus stand. The temple is small, beautiful and well maintained. One has to claim twenty seven steps to have darshan of the Lord. Many of the devotees to Sringeri town first visit this temple of Sri Anjaneya, who is one of the guardians of this great divine town.

Sri Anjaneya of this kshetra is facing south and seen as walking towards east. Lord is holding a lotus flower in His left hand and with raised right hand gives blessings to all the devotees. His tail is raised above Him and there is a small bell on the end of the tail. He is wearing nupuram in His leg and keyuram in the hand. His glowing eyes showers glorious and gracious blessings to the bakthas mesmerising them.

The poojas for the Lord are in Vaidika mode by way of uttering Vedic mantras. Deepotsavam is conducted on a Saturday in the month of Kartika Krishnapaksha on a grand scale annually. The temple is open between 09 to 12 in the morning and 6 to 7 in the evening.

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