Kolar Gold Field or KGF

Kolar Gold Field or KGF is located around 27 km from Kolar. Also, one can reach KGF directly via Kolar bypass. Regular private or Karnataka state transport buses are available from Kolar and Bangalore. The star attraction of this place was the gold mines which are closed now. The history of KGF goes back to late 19th century when the mining started and the early 20th century when the gold mines were flourishing, a wholesome city came into being with the modern amenities. The workers of the gold mines the Birtish then constructed the city of Robertsonpet.

Kolar Gold fields has a mining history of over 2000 years even before the cholas to the Indian government after independence. It was believed to have one of the deepest mines in the world. However, Bharat Gold Mines Limited (BGML) which ran the show here was closed in 2001 and subsequently all the mines were closed in 2003 due to limited deposit of gold and high operating cost. To see the gold fields one has to take prior permission. As of now BEML and Indian Institute of Metal operates in KGF.

Kolar District
Kolar district is located in the southern region of the State and is the easternmost district of the Karnataka. The district is bounded by the Bangalore Rural district in the west Chikballapur district in the north, Chittoor District of Andhra Pradesh in the east and on the south by Krishnagiri and Vellore district of Tamil Nadu.

On 10 September 2007, Kolar district was bifurcated to form the new district of Chikballapur. Due to the modern discovery of the Kolar Gold Fields, Kolar has become popularly known as the "Golden Land" of India.

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State Protected Monuments in Kolar

State Protected Monuments officially reported by Archeological Survey of India in Kolar, Karnataka is listed below

State Protected Monuments in Kolar
  • Bara Iman Makhan
  • Sripathisvara temple
  • Markandesvara temple
  • Isvara temple
  • Ranganatha Temple
  • Svayambhuvesvara temple
  • Vijayendra temple
  • Venkataramanasvami temple
  • Bhimesvara and Nakulesvara temples
  • Somesvara temple and Inscriptions
  • Vinayaka temple
  • Vithalanarayana temple
  • Somesvara temple Sripadaraya's Brindavan
  • Hydar Ali Dargah
  • Hussain Shah Dargah
  • Garabhavi Anianeyaswamy temple

Temples in Kolar

Antharagange Temple is a mountain located in the Shathashrunga mountain range. It is located three kilometers from Kolar in the direction of Kolar Betta, Kolaramma Temple in Kolar is located along the southern region and eastern most part of state of Karnataka. The two most significant temples are Kolaramma temple and Someshwara temple. Kotilingeshwara Temple is the principal deity of the Kotilingeshwara temple. This temple lies in the Kammasandra village in the district of Kolar. Kurudmale Ganesha Temple is situated in the district of Kolar in the State of Karnataka. There is a popular Ganesha temple here which was built by the Vijayanagar kings. Someshwara Temple in Kolar is located 68 km from the city of Bangalore, on the Chennai-Bangalore National Highway.

Distance from Kolar to Vijayapura, Karnataka is 579.1 km and travelling time is around 10 h 9 min via Bangalore - Hyderabad Highway/Srinagar - Kanyakumari Highway and NH50.