Koodli is a small village located at a distance of 15 Km from Shimoga city on Shimoga - Channagiri Road. River Tunga and River Bhadra meet at Koodli and give rise to the River Tungabhadra.

A small temple dedicated to Harihara has been built at the exact point where the two rivers meet. The rivers at Koodli are worshipped and believed to be sacred.

Koodli is the place which has a historic value, with temples of Hoysala time.

Koodli is not only the meeting place of river Tunga and River Bhadra (Sangama) but it also house important temples which has the history of few hundred years.

There are inscriptions located near the temples indicate the era when they were constructed. There are disputes about the exact dates, however the statues and sculptures dates back to age old Indian culture as well as appear interesting. There are a number of temples - small and large ones constructed by the rulers who ruled this place in the past.

Sangameshwara Temple
This ancient temple is the makes Koodli culture-rich natural beauty. It believed to be installed and worshipped by Sri Prahlada. The rivers are worshipped and considered to be sacred. A small temple with nandi denotes the exact point where the two rivers meet, and is considered to be very sacred.

Chintamani Narasimha
This is one of the popular temples at Koodli constructed beside the Sangameshwara temple. It is believed that the deity is installed and worshipped by Sri Prahlada son of Demon King Hiranya Kashupu.

Shankara Mutt
You can find ancient Indian type school of education for Shankara philosophy, known as the Koodli mutt. This Mutt has a long history: during 15th or 16th century, the main swami of shringeri went to Kashi. He did not return for a very long time. During those days deaths were common in long trips, the villagers assumed that the main swami will never come back to Sringeri. Therefore people of the Mutt and villagers requested his deputy to take charge of the mutt and continue the activities of the Mutt. The deputy swamiji also agreed and took up the chief's position. However the chief swamiji was still alive and returned to Shringeri after several months. He came to know that his deputy is chief now and cannot go to the mutt where his deputy was the chief, so he thought of going away from Sringeri. He left Sringeri and commenced his own Mutt at Koodli, the meeting place of River Tunga and River Bhadra (Sangama), and therefore the mutt is popularly known as Koodli Sringeri Mutt.

The old temple dedicated to goddess Sharadamba (Saraswathi) is found at this place. The new temple is getting constructed beside the old temple and construction work is under progress.

It is believed that the Sharada temple at Koodli is equally important and Sacred when compared to the Sringeri Temple.

Koodli is the pilgrimage centre and weekend getaway destination.

Best time to visit to visit Koodli is October to May

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