KSRTC Ambari Corona Bus Service

Bus Route Timings
Bangalore - Udupi(via Hassan, Dharmastala, Karkala) Bangalore departure at 21.15 hrs - Thirupathi Arrival at 05.30 hrs.
Udupi departure at 20.00 hrs - Bangalore Arrival at 04.15 hrs.
Semi Delux - Bangalore - Sollapur(via- Chitradurga, Hospet, Bijapur) Bangalore departure at 16.30 hrs - Thirupathi Arrival at 07.30 hrs.
Udupi departure at 15.00 hrs - Bangalore Arrival at 06.00 hrs.
Bangalore - Panaji(via- Davanagere, Hubli, Karwar) Bangalore departure at 18.30 hrs - Panaji Arrival at 07.45 hrs.
Panaji departure at 19.30 hrs - Bangalore Arrival at 08.45 hrs.
Bangalore - Madurai(via- Salem, Dindigal) Bangalore departure at 21.45 hrs - Madurai Arrival at 06.30 hrs.
Madurai departure at 21.15 hrs - Bangalore Arrival at 06.00 hrs.
Bangalore - Manatralaya Bangalore departure at 21.00 hrs - Thirupathi Arrival at 04.15 hrs.
Udupi departure at 21.00 hrs - Bangalore Arrival at 04.30 hrs.
Bangalore - Mangalore(via- Puttur) Bangalore departure at 21.00 hrs - Mangalore Arrival at 04.30 hrs.
Mangalore departure at 21.00 hrs - Bangalore Arrival at 04.30 hrs.
Bangalore - Thirupathi Bangalore departure at 22.45 hrs & 23.35 hrs - Thirupathi Arrival at 04.00 hrs & 05.00 hrs.
Thirupathi departure at 22.00 hrs & 22.30 hrs - Bangalore Arrival at 03.15 hrs & 03.45 hrs.
Bangalore - Mangalore Bangalore departure at 22.00 hrs - Mangalore Arrival at 05.30 hrs.
Mangalore departure at 22.00 hrs - Bangalore Arrival at 05.30 hrs.
Bangalore - Trichy Bangalore departure at 22.15 hrs - Trichy Arrival at 05.00 hrs.
Trichy departure at 22.00 hrs - Bangalore Arrival at 04.45 hrs.

Advance Ticket Reservation available upto 30 days
Phone Number: 7760990562, 7760990561 & 080-22870099

Corona Ambaari Sleeper Bus Service

Corona Ambaari Sleeper was introduced by KSRTC in November 13, 2009. This services ply between Bangalore and Chennai. Procured at a cost of Rs. 44.5 lakh, Ambari has 32 passenger berths, 16 lower and 16 upper; ultra modern interiors in passenger saloons; reading lamps and imported floor carpeting and a wider emergency exit. This is akin to a sleeper of a passenger train and is the first sleeper service in KSRTC buses.

KSRTC introduced Amabari Corona Air condition sleeper bus service To Udupi in January 2012. The bus service started on 18 January, 9.15 PM and reached Udupi at early morning 5.30 AM. The fair of the journey is Rs. 745 (Rs. 725 + Reservation charges) The bus travels trough Hassan, Dharmastala, Karkala and reaches Udupi. In Return the bus leaves Udupi at 8 PM and reaches Bangalore at 4.15 AM.

The salient features of Corona Ambaari Sleeper Bus Service are as follows:

  • The 12Mtr length sleeper coach is an all steel integral monocoque bus developed by M/s. Corona Bus Manufacturers Pvt Ltd., Pune for passengers comfortable journey
  • Fully air suspension to ensure superior comfort and safety to meet the needs of the passengers.
  • Fitted with "carrier" make AC 353 model air-conditioner for cooling effect which enhances the comfort level of the travelling public.
  • 32 passenger berths (16 lower berths & 16 upper berths) with 2x1 configuration. The berths are comfortable and upholstered with PU cushions
  • The passenger saloon is provided with ultra modern interiors, reading lamps, imported floor carpeting & partition curtains.
  • Attractive front show and wind shield to have better Aesthetics, visibility and safety.
  • Single piece front cowl gives better insulation and avoids dust entry into the cabin and also help in reduction in noise pollution.
  • 8 cubic mtr. luggage spaces is provided under passenger berth area.Louver glass and also sliding window glasses are fitted to provide clear vision to the passengers.
  • 160 Horse power Turbo charged & Inter cooler Cummins engine at the rear end at the bus so as to reduce noise pollution inside the bus saloon.
  • Wider emergency door at the rear.
  • Hydraulic retarder of Voith make & Anti lock braking system are provided to enhance the braking efficiency.

The Karnataka State RTC introduced two Ambari Servicesin both A/C and non A/C categories from Bangalore to Calicut on October 14, 2011. The A/C service departs from Bangalore at 9:00 pm and arrive at Calicut at 5 am. The bus depart from Calicut at 09:30 pm and arrive at bangalore at 5:15 am. The non A/C bus depart from Bangalore at 09:30 pm and arrive at Calicut at 5:40 am.