Masinagudi is located on the border of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu close to the Mudumalai National Park. Tourism in Masinagudi has developed vastly in the last 30 years.

Sandwiched between the Bandipur and Annamalai sanctuaries, the Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary has varied mixture of flat land, undulating parkland, open grassland and swamp valleys. The sanctuary is famous for its elephant habitat and it is one of India's best sanctuaries. Madumalai is divided into many sections, Masinagudi being the most popular of them.

The varying hues of greens and rustic browns of Masinagudi are a treat to the eyes of all, specially nature lovers. Precisely the reason why it is called a green paradise! From enjoying the spectacular wildlife to basking in the lap of the Nilgiris, Masinagudi ensures a prefect getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Masinagudi is home to many endangered species including the Bengal Tiger, Gaur and Indian leopard. Locals and government have joined hands to protect these animals. Tourists are requested to be careful and not disturb the flora and fauna at Masinagudi. Bird-watching, trekking, safaris, and elephant camps are the main attractions here. Along with spotting rare species of birds, tourists are likely to come across wild animals including the royal Bengal Tiger loitering amidst the woods! Inside the forests, pug marks of a tiger or bear is a common sighting. Clear, icy cold mountain streams that flow along the tarred roads are yet another lovely sight to behold.

A stay inside the deep, dark forests is recommended for all. With the help of a local guide, tourists can stay at guest houses and resorts that are located in the depths of the forest. The drive into the heart of the thick jungles can send shivers down the spine, yet it is adventurous and euphoric. Once ensconced inside the comforts of a forest home-stay, a campfire and barbecue is must to drive away the chill of the cold nights.

Wild elephants walking in herds on their evening stroll, wild boards taking a peek at the tourists, deer gatherings, and chirpy birds checking out tourists are the unforgettable sights to behold at Masinagudi.