Must See Places around Bangalore

Scenic Places & Tourist Attractions near Bangalore. Places to visit near Bangalore within 250km 300km 350km 400km 500km from Bangalore for 1 day, 2 days, 3 days, 5 days and more. Exciting Places to Visit around Bangalore & Weekend Getaways from Bangalore if you are planning Budget travel. The list below contains some beautiful and enjoyable places within 200 kilometers of Bangalore. Famous Tourist Places near bangalore within 100 kms, 150 kms, 200 kms, 300 kms, 400 kms, 500 kms for one day trip.

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Place Distance Travel Time Attractions
Adi chunchanagiri, Karnataka 140 km 2h, 50m Piligrim
Adoni, Andhra Pradesh 336 km 7h, 10m Temples, Lake
Agumbe, Karnataka 369 km 369 km Hill Station
Alampur, Andhra Pradesh 382 km 7h Temples, Archeological
Alleppey, Kerala 559 km 12h Backwaters, Beaches, Temples, Churches, Boat Races
Amaravathi, Andhra Pradesh 649 km 10h, 20m Temples
Amboli, Maharashtra 578 km 8h, 40m Hill Stations, Falls, Forts
Amrutesvara Temple, Amruthapura 263.7 km 4 h 20 min Temples, Sculpture, Art, History
Anaimalai, Tamil Nadu 401 km 7h, 30m Hill Stations, Wildlife, Trekking
Ananthapur, Andhra Pradesh 215 km 4h Historical, Temple
Angamaly, Kerala 506 km 9h, 10m Temples, Historic
Anthargange, Karnataka 068 km 1h, 30m Trekking, Caves
Bababudangiri, Karnataka 250 km 5h Hill station
Badami, Karnataka 454 km 7h, 40m Heritage, Caves, Temples
Banavasi, Karnataka 400 km 7h, 30m Pilgrim, Temples
Bandipur, Karnataka 220 km 5h Wild life
Bandipur National Park, Karnataka 235 km 5h Wildlife, Hills
Bekal, Kerala 381 km 7h Beaches, Forts, Caves, Backwaters
Bellikkal, Tamil Nadu 260 km 5h Hill Stations, Lakes, Falls, Honeymoon, Ayurvedic Massage
Belur, Karnataka 225 km 3h, 50m Temples, Archeological
Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary, Karnataka 270 km 5h, 10m Wild life, Tigers, Safaris, Forests, Rafting
Bhatkal, Karnataka 488 km 8h, 40m Historical, Beaches, Shopping
Bheemeshwari, Karnataka 100 km 2h, 20m Trekking, Rafting, Fishing, Boating
Bhongir, Andhra Pradesh 619 km 8h, 30m Fort, Scenic
Bijapur, Karnataka 539 km 8h, 40m Heritage, Archeological Sites
Bisle, Karnataka 300 km 5h, 10m Hill station Landscape
BR Hills, Karnataka 203 km 4h, 10m Trekking, Rafting, Fishing, Wildlife
Chamarajanagar, Karnataka 185 km 3h, 40m Historical, Heritage
Chendamangalam, Kerala 518 km 7h, 40m Scenic, Historical
Chennai, Tamil Nadu 345 km 6h, 20m Cosmopolitan, Beaches, Wildlife, Temples, Churches, Shopping, Gardens, Architecture
Chettinad, Tamil Nadu 349 km 6h, 40m Pilgrim, Heritage, Shopping
Chidambaram, Tamil Nadu 347 km 6h, 50m Temples, Pilgrim
Chikballapur, Karnataka 060 km 1h Scenic
Chikka Thirupathi, Karnataka 075 km 1h, 24m Piligrim
Chikmagalur, Karnataka 248 km 5h, 30m Hill Stations, Wildlife, Honeymoon
Chitradurga, Karnataka 202 km 3h, 40m Fort
Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh 175 km 4h, 20m Temples, Shopping
Chottanikkara, Kerala 556 km 8h Pilgrim, Temples
Chunchana katte, Karnataka 160 km 3h, 10m Water fall
Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu 321 km 6h, 30m Wildlife, Temples, Gardens, Rivers, Dams, Falls, Amusement Parks
Coonoor, Tamil Nadu 296 km 6h, 20m Hill Stations, Falls, Gardens, Golf, Forts
Coorg, Karnataka 259 km 5h, 20m Hill Stations, Falls, Forts, Trekking, Temples, Honeymoon
Courtallam, Tamil Nadu 640 km 9h, 10m Waterfall, Scenic, Temples
Cuddalore, Tamil Nadu 310 km 5h, 20m Beach, Temple, Boating
Dajipur Wildlife Sanctuary, Maharashtra 692 km 10h, 20m Wildlife
Dandeli, Karnataka 466 km 8h, 50m Wildlife, Rivers, Rafting, Kayaking, Hills, Mountain Biking, Caves
Darasuram, Tamil Nadu 405 km 7h, 30m Temples, Archeological
Devarahole, Karnataka 400 km 7h, 30m River Landscape
Devarayana durga, Karnataka 100 km 2h, 20m Piligrim Spring + Landscape
Devbagh, Karnataka 533 km 8h, 10m Beaches, Forts, Rivers, Water Sports, Temples
Dharmapuri, Tamil Nadu 139 km 2h, 10m Temples, Teertham, Waterfall
Dharmasthala, Karnataka 314 km 6h, 10m Pilgrim, Temples
Dindigul, Tamil Nadu 361 km 6h, 50m Dam, Scenic, Temples
Doddagadduvalli, Karnataka 200 km 4h Archeology
Dubare, Karnataka 228 km 5h Wildlife, Trekking, Rivers, Dams, Rafting, Fishing
Gadag, Karnataka 420 km 7h, 50m Historical, Temples
Gajanur, Karnataka 300 km 5h Barrage
Gauribidanur, Karnataka - - -
Gavi, Kerala 539 km 8h, 25m Scenic
Ghati Subramanya, Karnataka 070 km 1h, 20m Piligrim
Goa, Goa 576 km 9h, 40m Beaches, Rivers, Falls, Fishing, Wildlife, Cosmopolitan, Pubs, Shopping, Churches, Forts, Trekking, Water Skiing, Jet Skiing, Windsurfing, Speedboat Rides, Honeymoon
Gokak falls, Karnataka 554 km 8h, 40m Water fall
Gokarna, Karnataka 489 km 8h, 50m Pilgrim, Beaches, Falls, Temple
Gopalaswamy Betta, Karnataka 220 km 5h Piligrim Landscape
Gudavi, Karnataka 375 km 7h, 10m Birds sanctuary
Guntur, Andhra Pradesh 612 km 9h, 40m Caves, Temples
Guruvayur, Kerala 421 km 8h, 40m Pilgrim
Halebeedu, Karnataka 210 km 4h, 30m Archeology
Halebid, Karnataka 218 km 5h Temples, Heritage
Hampi, Karnataka 372 km 7h Heritage, Temples, Rivers
Harangi, Karnataka 220 km 5h Landscape Dam, Landscape
Hassan, Karnataka 187 km 4h Scenic, Heritage
Hemagiri, Karnataka 200 km 4h Water fall
Hindupur, Andhra Pradesh 103 km 1h, 50m Archeological, Temples
Hogenakkal, Tamil Nadu 130 km 2h, 50m Falls, Rivers, Trekking, Massage
Honnavar, Karnataka 425 km 8h Piligrim
Honnemardu, Karnataka 370 km 7h, 10m Falls, Rivers, Rafting, Kayaking, Trekking, Bird Watching, Wildlife
Horanadu, Karnataka 300 km 5h Piligrim, Temples, History
Hosur, Tamil Nadu 043 km 1h Temple, Scenic
Humbucha, Karnataka 380 km 7h Archeology
Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh 569 km 9h, 20m Cosmopolitan, Lakes, Forts, Palaces, Gardens, Masjids, Temples, Museums, Charminar, Amusement Parks
Idukki, Kerala 577 km 8h, 40m Trekking, Boating, Scenic
Ikkeri, Karnataka 340 km 7h, 30m Archeology
Irupu, Karnataka 250 km 5h, 30m Water fall
Jog Falls, Karnataka 387 km 7h, 10m Waterfall
Kabini, Karnataka 170 km 5h Rivers, Camping, Wildlife, Bird Watching, Boating
Kadapa, Andhra Pradesh 250 km 6h Temple, Scenic
Kadiri, Karnataka 160 km 3h, 10m Piligrim
Kaivara, Karnataka 085 km 1h, 40m Piligrim Landscape, Zoo
Kakkabe, Karnataka 266 km 6h Trekking, Rock Climbing, Fishing, Falls, Temples, Bird Watching
Kalady, Kerala 515 km 9h Pilgrim
Kalasa 310.0 km 5 h 38 min Temples, Rafting, Rivers, Waterfalls, Adventure
Kalpetta, Kerala 280 km 6h Trekking, Waterfalls, Lake, Caves, Scenic
Kalyani Chowka, Karnataka 359 km 7h, 30m Scenic
Kanakapura, Karnataka 062 km 1h, 10m Shopping
Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu 277 km 4h, 50m Pilgrim, Temples
Kanjirappally, Kerala 561 km 9h Scenic, Pilgrim
Kannur, Kerala 324 km 7h, 40m Beaches, Fort
Kanva reservoir, Karnataka 080 km 1h, 30m Dam
Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu 696 km 10h, 50m Beaches, Falls, Pilgrim, Forts, Museums
Kappad, Kerala 353 km 6h, 40m Beach, Scenic
Karaikudi, Tamil Nadu 431 km 8h, 10m Historical, Archeological Sites, Temples
Karighatta, Karnataka 125 km 2h, 20m Piligrim
Karkala, Karnataka 378 km 7h Religious, Temples, Buffalo Races
Karur, Tamil Nadu 298 km 5h, 50m Historical, Archeological
Karwar, Karnataka 537 km 8h, 10m Scenic
Katil, Karnataka 362 km 6h, 30m Pilgrim, Temple
Kaup, Karnataka 380 km 7h Beach
Keladi, Karnataka 340 km 7h, 30m Archeology
Kemmanagundi, Karnataka 248 km 6h, 10m Hill Stations, Trekking, Gardens, Backpacking, Waterfalls, Mountains, Honeymoon
Kochi, Kerala 511 km 10h Lakes, Beaches, Fishing, Forts, Temples
Kodachaadri, Karnataka 416 km 7h, 50m Trekking, Scenic, Temple
Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu 463 km 8h, 30m Hill Stations, Trekking, Lakes, Falls, Museums, Honeymoon
Kodungallur, Kerala 507 km 9h, 20m Pilgrim
Kokkare Belluru, Karnataka 100 km 2h, 20m Birds sanctuary
Kolar, Karnataka 065 km 1h, 30m Temples, Scenic
Kolhapur, Maharashtra 614 km 10h Rivers, Dams, Lakes, Religious, Temples, Museums
Kollam, Kerala 639 km 9h, 20m Temples
Kollur, Karnataka 415 km 8h, 30m Pilgrim, Temples
Kollur forest, Karnataka 520 km 8h Wildlife
Koppal, Karnataka 400 km 7h, 30m Temple, Fort
Koravangala, Karnataka 200 km 4h Archeology
Kozhikode, Kerala 359 km 7h Backwaters, Beaches, Fishing, Rivers, Dams, Falls, Wildlife, Temples
Krishnagiri, Karnataka 092 km 2h Scenic, Temples
KRS, Balamuri, Karnataka 150 km 3h, 10m Barrage
Kuchipudi, Andhra Pradesh 645 km 10h Dance, Temple, Handicraft
Kudrehabbe, Karnataka 260 km 5h Landscape
Kudremukh, Karnataka 340 km 7h, 30m Hill Stations, Falls, Rivers, Dams, Wildlife
Kudumalai, Karnataka 100 km 2h, 20m Piligrim
Kukke Subramanya, Karnataka 282 km 6h, 20m Pilgrim, Temples, Caves, Hills, Trekking, Rivers
Kumarakom, Kerala 560 km 8h, 30m Backwaters, Beaches, Ayurvedic Massage, Bird Watching
Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu 410 km 7h, 40m Pilgrim
Kumta, Karnataka 459 km 7h Beaches, Temples
Kundapur, Karnataka 432 km 6h, 40m Historical, Beaches, Temples
Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh 353 km 7h Wildlife, Temples
Kushalanagara, Karnataka 226 km 4h Scenic, River
Kuttanad, Kerala 613 km 8h, 50m Scenic, Boating
Lakkidi, Kerala 390 km 8h, 20m Hill Stations, Lakes, Wildlife, Bird Watching
Lepakshi, Karnataka 140 km 2h, 50m Piligrim Roof paintings
M. M. Hills, Karnataka 280 km 6h, 15m Piligrim Landscape
Madikeri, Karnataka 267 km 5h, 30m Hill Stations, Falls, Forts, Trekking, Temples
Madurai, Tamil Nadu 449 km 6h, 50m Pilgrim, Temples, Dams
Magodu falls, Karnataka 400 km 7h Water fall Water fall & Landscape
Mahabalipuram, Tamil Nadu 346 km 7h Beaches, Caves, Temples, Heritage, Honeymoon
Mahadevapura, Karnataka 140 km 2h, 50m River Landscape
Mahbubnagar, Andhra Pradesh 546 km 8h, 50m Temples, Mosques
Malampuzha, Kerala 410 km 7h, 40m Rivers, Dam, Gardens, Wildlife
Malappuram, Kerala 323 km 7h, 30m Temples, Lake, Scenic
Malayattoor, Kerala 529 km 7h, 40m Architectural, Trekking, Scenic
Malpe, Karnataka 408 km 7h, 40m Beaches
Mananthavady, Kerala 250 km 5h, 30m Monument, Temples
Mandagadde, Karnataka 300 km 5h Birds sanctuary
Mangalore, Karnataka 372 km 7h Beaches, Temples, Gardens, Golf, Churches, Museums
Manikyadhara, Karnataka 270 km 5h, 15m Water fall
Mantralayam, Andhra Pradesh 388 km 7h, 10m Pilgrim
Maravanthe, Karnataka 457 km 8h, 20m Hills, Scuba Diving, Snorkelling, Beaches
Marayoor, Kerala 430 km 8h Historical, Scenic, Wildlife, Waterfall
Masinagudi, Tamil Nadu 240 km 5h Hill Station, Scenic
Mayiladuthurai, Tamil Nadu 387 km 6h, 10m Pilgrim
Medak, Andhra Pradesh 663 km 9h, 10m Historical, Wildlife, Dam, Bird Sanctuary
Mekedatu, Karnataka 080 km 1h, 30m Ravine Confluence + Landscape
Melukote, Karnataka 100 km 2h, 20m Piligrim
MM Hills, Karnataka 215 km 5h Temple, Trekking, Scenic
Moodabidiri, Karnataka 360 km Archeology
Mosale, Karnataka 200 km 4h Archeology
Mudukuthore, Karnataka 150 km 3h, 10m Piligrim River
Mudumalai, Tamil Nadu 254 km 5h Wildlife, Bird Watching, Hills
Munnar, Kerala 476 km 10h Wildlife, Bird Sanctuaries, Hill Stations, Tea Estates, Rock Climbing, Rappelling, Trekking, Dams, Honeymoon
Mudeshwara, Karnataka 480 km 8h, 40m Pilgrim, Beaches, Temples, Islands
Mudigere 253.1 km 4 h 12 min Horticulture, Forest, Nature
Muthodi, Karnataka 270 km 5h, 10m Wild life
Muththathhi, Karnataka 100 km 2h, 20m River
Muttupettai, Tamil Nadu 534 km 8h, 10m Scenic
Mysore, Karnataka 142 km 2h, 40m Palaces, Lakes, Gardens, Museums, Churches, Temples, Amusement Parks
Nagapattinam, Tamil Nadu 431 km 8h Pilgrim
Nagarahole, Karnataka 220 km 4h, 50m Wildlife, Bird Watching, Falls, Temples
Nagari, Andhra Pradesh 250 km 4h, 50m Temples
Nagarjuna Sagar Dam, Andhra Pradesh 638 km 9h, 20m Dam, Scenic, Wildlife
Nagore, Tamil Nadu 426 km 8h Pilgrim
Namakkal, Tamil Nadu 246 km 4h, 50m Waterfall, Fort, Scenic
Nandi Hills, Karnataka 058 km 1h, 10m Hill Stations, Temples
Nanguneri, Tamil Nadu 646 km 9h, 10m Temples
Nanjangud, Karnataka 165 km 3h, 20m Temples
Navagraha Sthalas, Tamil Nadu 400 km 6h, 30m Pilgrim
Nelliyampathy, Kerala 457 km 8h, 30m Hill Stations, Trekking, Tea Estates
Nellore, Andhra Pradesh 375 km 7h, 10m Temple, Fort, Dam, Scenic
Nersa, Karnataka 505 km 8h, 20m Wildlife, Bird Watching, Bats, Trekking
Nilambur, Kerala 283 km 6h Waterfall, Mueseum, Scenic
Nisarga Dhama, Karnataka 220 km 4h, 50m Land scape River, Island
Nrityagram, Karnataka 034 km 1h Culture, Dance
Ongole, Andhra Pradesh 503 km 8h, 10m Ashrams, Temple
Ooty, Tamil Nadu 268 km 5h, 10m Trekking, Hill Stations, Lakes, Falls, Gardens, Tea Estates, Churches, Honeymoon, Wildlife
Palakkad, Kerala 409 km 7h, 40m Temples, Scenic
Palani Hills, Tamil Nadu 440 km 8h, 10m Hill Stations, Pilgrim, Bird Watching
Pandharpur, Maharashtra 641 km 10h, 30m Pilgrim
Panhala, Maharashtra 636 km 9h, 20m Forts, Gardens, Temples
Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary, Kerala 547 km 8h Wildlife, Scenic
Parassinikadavu Muthappan Temple, Kerala 312 km 6h, 1m Pilgrim, Temples, Snake Park
Pathanamthitta, Kerala 602 km 9h, 30m Temples
Pattadakkal, Karnataka 449 km 7h, 20m Historical, Temples, Archeological
Peermade, Kerala 579 km 8h, 20m Hill Station, Scenic, Trekking, Boating
Pollachi, Tamil Nadu 390 km 7h, 20m Wildlife, Temples
Pondicherry, Pondicherry 309 km 4h, 40m Beaches, Gardens, Churches, Museums
Ponnani, Kerala 395 km 7h, 10m Bird Sanctury
Poompuhar, Tamil Nadu 389 km 6h, 10m Temples
Prakasam, Andhra Pradesh 479 km 7h, 20m Historical, Temples
Pulicat, Tamil Nadu 398 km 6h Beach, Wildlife
Puttaparthi, Andhra Pradesh 155 km 3h, 20m Pilgrim, Temples, Sai Baba, Museums
Ramanathapuram, Tamil Nadu 520 km 7h, 50m Historical, Temples
Rameswaram, Tamil Nadu 578 km 9h, 50m Pilgrim, Temples, Beaches, Jyotirlingas
Ramnagaram, Karnataka 051 km 1h Trekking, Rock Climbing, Rapelling
Ranganathittu, Karnataka 130 km 2h, 50m Birds sanctuary
Rangasthala, Karnataka 060 km 1h, 10m Piligrim
Red Hills, Tamil Nadu 283 km 6h, 10m Hill Stations, Lakes, Wildlife
Revanasiddesh betta, Karnataka 070 km 1h, 20m Piligrim
Ridge, Karnataka 250 km 5h, 30m Landscape
Sabarimala, Kerala 547 km 13h, 10m Pilgrim
Sadras, Tamil Nadu 362 km 7h, 10m Historical, Forts
Sagara, Karnataka 353 km 5h, 50m City, Scenic
Sakleshpur, Karnataka 225 km 5h Scenic, Temples
Sangameswaram, Andhra Pradesh 632 km 9h, 40m Pilgrim, Temple
Sangareddy, Andhra Pradesh 612 km 8h, 20m Temples, Mosque
Sasthamcotta, Kerala 664 km 9h, 30m Lake, Scenic
Sathanur dam, Karnataka 175 km 4h Dam
Satodi falls, Karnataka 400 km 7h Water fall Water fall & landscape
Savana Durga, Karnataka 052 km 1h, 20m Temples, Trekking, Caves, Rock Climbing
Sawantwadi, Maharashtra 609 km 9h, 10m Heritage, Palaces, Lakes
Seerkazhi, Tamil Nadu 366 km 7h Pilgrim
Sheebi, Karnataka 090 km 1h, 45m Temple Paintings Temple with paintings
Shivagange, Karnataka 54 km 1h, 10m Waterfall, Temple, Trekking
Shivanasamundram, Karnataka 122 km 2h, 20m Falls, Trekking, Fishing
Shivgiri, Karnataka 225 km 4h, 30m Hill Stations, Rappelling, Kayaking, Forts, Lakes, Wildlife, Rock Climbing
Shringeri, Karnataka 350 km 7h Piligrim
Siddapur, Karnataka 249 km 5h Rappelling, Kayaking, Fishing, Falls
Simsha, Karnataka 133 km 3h Waterfall, Scenic
Sirsi, Karnataka 411 km 7h, 40m Temple, Scenic
Sivakasi, Tamil Nadu 527 km 7h, 30m Temples
Somanathapur, Karnataka 175 km 4h Archeology Sculptures
Sonda, Karnataka 427 km 8h, 40m Temples, Scenic
Sravanabelagola, Karnataka 140 km 2h, 50m Pilgrim
Sri Ram Betta, Karnataka 050 km 1h Piligrim
Srikalahasti, Andhra Pradesh 282 km 6h, 30m Pilgrim, Temples
Sringeri, Karnataka 325 km 6h, 20m Pilgrim, Temples, Rivers
Sriperumbudur, Tamil Nadu 290 km 5h, 30m Temples
Srirangapatna, Karnataka 125 km 2h, 20m Bird Sanctuaries, Temples
Srisailam, Andhra Pradesh 532 km 8h, 10m Pilgrim, Jyotirlinga
St. Mary's Island, Karnataka 386 km 7h, 10m Landscape
Subramanya, Karnataka 275 km 6h Piligrim, Landscape
Swamimalai, Tamil Nadu 410 km 7h, 40m Pilgrim
Thusharigiri Falls, Kerala 316 km 5h, 58m Waterfalls
Tirumakudalu Narasipur, Karnataka 170 km 4h Piligrim Confluence
Tungabhadra Dam, Karnataka 350 km 5h, 10m Dam
Talacauvery, Karnataka 330 km 7h, 20m Pilgrim, Scenic
Talakad, Karnataka 133 km 2h, 40m Historical, Picnic
Tarkarli, Maharashtra 662 km 10h, 20m Beaches, Backwaters, Lakes, Forts, Temples
Thalassery, Kerala 324 km 7h, 40m Beaches, Forts, Churches, Temples
Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu 395 km 8h Pilgrim, Temples, Churches, Gardens
Thattekad Bird Sanctuary, Kerala 554 km 8h, 10m Bird Sanctuary, Scenic
Thekkady, Kerala 515 km 10h Wildlife, Lakes, Trekking, Rafting, Hiking
Thenmala, Kerala 643 km 9h, 30m Hill Station, Scenic, Boating, Trekking, Waterfall
Thiruchendur, Tamil Nadu 652 km 9h, 20m Pilgrim
Thirukkadaiyur, Tamil Nadu 389 km 7h Pilgrim
Thirumanancheri, Tamil Nadu 430 km 8h Pilgrim
Thiruthani, Tamil Nadu 285 km 5h, 20m Pilgrim
Thiruvalla, Kerala 591 km 9h Temples
Thiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu 204 km 4h Pilgrim, Temples
Thiruvarur, Tamil Nadu 467 km 8h, 40m Pilgrim
Thiruvilvamala, Kerala 442 km 7h, 50m Temples
Tholpetty, Kerala 236 km 5h Wildlife, Temples
Thrissur, Kerala 470 km 10h, 10m Pilgrim
Trichy, Tamil Nadu 331 km 6h Pilgrim, Temples, Falls, Dams, Amusement Parks
Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu 621 km 8h, 50m Temples, Shopping
Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh 247 km 5h, 10m Pilgrim, Temples, Gardens
Tirupur, Tamil Nadu 303 km 5h, 40m Lake, Boating, Temple, Shopping
Tiruvannamalai, Karnataka 200 km 4h Piligrim
Tuljapur, Maharashtra 675 km 10h, 30m Pilgrim
Tumkur, Karnataka 073 km 1h, 20m Shopping, Dam
Tuticorin, Tamil Nadu 644 km 13h, 20m Beach, Scenic
Udupi, Karnataka 413 km 7h, 40m Religious, Temples, Beaches
Ulavi, Karnataka 300 km 5h, 10m Birds sanctuary
Uttara Kannada, Karnataka 446 km 8h, 20m Wildlife, Waterfalls, Scenic, Beach
Uttukuli, Tamil Nadu 300 km 5h, 30m Temple
Vaduvanchal, Kerala 284 km 5h, 40m Scenic, Trekking
Vagamon, Kerala 609 km 9h Hill Station, Scenic, Trekking
Vailankanni, Tamil Nadu 350 km 7h Pilgrim
Varaahi, Karnataka 397 km 7h, 7m Dam, Landscape, River
Varadahalli, Karnataka 350 km 6h, 50m Landscape
Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary, Tamil Nadu 321 km 7h, 30m Bird Sanctuary, Scenic
Vengurla, Maharashtra 636 km 9h, 40m Beaches, Temples
Venur, Karnataka 332 km 6h, 40m Temples
Vidarbha, Maharashtra 279 km 4h, 50m Scenic
Vidurashwatha, Karnataka 100 km 2h, 20m Piligrim
Vijayanagara, Karnataka 320 km 7h Archeology
Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh 650 km 10h, 10m Gardens, Caves, Temples, Forts, Museums
Wayanad, Kerala 289 km 5h, 20m Wildlife, Hills, Falls, Rivers, Dams, Caves
Yana, Karnataka 467 km 8h, 12m Landscape
Yelagiri, Tamil Nadu 156 km 3h Hill Stations, Lakes, Falls, Temples
Yercaud, Tamil Nadu 230 km 4h, 20m Caves, Lakes, Falls, Gardens

2-3 Holiday Package Tours within 50 -100 Km

Fabulous tourist places for nature lover, beautiful sight seeing places, best weekend getaways, holiday spots, tourist spots, trekking spots within 100 km around Bangalore. Cheapest 2 days Karnataka holiday package tours to famous and favorite tourist places, waterfalls, hill stations and other interesting places around Bangalore are offered by KSTDC. Thottikallu falls, Muthyala Maduvu Falls, Chunchi Falls, Balmuri and Edmuri Water falls, Hogenakkal Falls and Makedatu are few of the stunning waterfalls arund Bangalore. 3-4 day sight seeing package to Mysore would be a good breakaway. Cheapest outstation cabs services are available from Bangalore to Mysore. One great idea would be Picnic from Bangalore to Coorg or even to some destinations around Bangalore. Good holiday destinations for hang out near Bangalore, at a radius of 50 km to 100 km for lovers, family and friends near Hosur, Anekal, Banglore, Gokak, Bheemeshwari and Horsley Hills. Direct AC Buses, Car Route, Flight Package, KSRTC Bus Fare and Package, Road Condition, On The Way Tourist Places, Train Package. Best Tours and travel package from Bangalore to Kerala for family, friends and Couple, with price details.

Weekend Getaways from Bangalore within 100km - 200km

Best Places to Visit within 100 Kms From Bangalore: Within 100km to 200km driving distance from Bangalore, there are Tourist Attractions & places to visit in Karnataka such as Mysore, Yelagiri and Shivanasamundram. These locations are famous for wildlife, waterfalls, trekking and adventure sports. Top weekend getaways from Bangalore within 200 km are listed in detail above. Also explore the Tourist Places within 150 km from Bangalore. Bike Riding or Self Driven cars are also an option for 5 hours, 5 days trip from bangalore to various tourist destinations 500km radius around Bangalore. Some of the intersting places in Kerala are Trivandrum, Trivandrum Palace, Alappuzha, Suchindram Temple, Dream world, Athirappally, Kanyakumari, Kanyakumari Hanging bridge, Tirparappu, Vattakkottai, Suchindram, Vizhinjam, Neyyar dam, Kovalam, Kallar, Ponmudi, Thenmala, Palaruvi, Kuttalam and Veegaland. Day round trip tour package to Mysore and around Bangalore, Day trip from banglore to mysore, Day trip places with in bangalore, Couples tourist places in Bangalore all are covered here.

Family Outing Place within 100km in Karnataka

Picnic Spots, Tourist Places, Water Places and Resorts around bangalore for one day trip within 100 kms for Family and Couples. There are many waterfalls, Picnic Spots and places for outing near Mysore, Bangalore (Bengaluru) and Coorg. Chunchi Falls, Makedatu and Shivanasamudra are the nearest waterfalls. Famous historical places in karnataka include Pattadakkal, Hampi, Aihole, Badami and Mysore.

Places to visit near bangalore within 150 kms

Gauribidanur, Nrityagram, Hosur, Sri Ram Betta, Ramnagaram, Savana Durga, Nandi Hills, Rangasthala, Chikballapur, Kanakapura, Kolar, Anthargange, Ghati Subramanya, Revanasiddesh betta, Tumkur, Chikka Thirupathi, Mekedatu, Kanva reservoir, Kaivara, Sheebi, Krishnagiri, Muththathhi, Melukote, Kudumalai, Vidurashwatha, Devarayana durga, Kokkare Belluru, Bheemeshwari, Hindupur are few destinations within 100 Km from Bangalore. Most of these destinatons can be reached within 2 hours.

Scenic Places around bangalore within 200 Kms

Tourist Destinations like Shivanasamundram, Karighatta, Srirangapatna, Ranganathittu, Hogenakkal, Simsha, Talakad, Dharmapuri, Lepakshi, Mahadevapura, Adi chunchanagiri, Sravanabelagola, Mysore, Mudukuthore, KRS, Balamuri, Puttaparthi, Yelagiri, Kadiri, Chunchana katte, Nanjangud, Tirumakudalu Narasipur, Kabini, Chittoor, Somanathapur, Sathanur dam, Chamarajanagar, Hassan, Mosale, Doddagadduvalli, Tiruvannamalai, Koravangala, Hemagiri, Chitradurga, BR Hills, Thiruvannamalai are within 200 Km from Bangalore. The travel time may range from 2 hours to 4 hours.

Tourist Places near Bangalore within 300 kms

Over 300 Most Amazing Destinations around Bangalore are listed here. Halebeedu, MM Hills, Ananthapur, Halebid, Nagarahole, Bandipur, Harangi, Gopalaswamy Betta, Nisarga Dhama, Belur, Sakleshpur, Shivgiri, Kushalanagara, Dubare, Yercaud, Bandipur National Park, Tholpetty, Masinagudi, Namakkal, Tirupati, Kemmanagundi, Chikmagalur, Siddapur, Nagari, Kadapa, Bababudangiri, Ridge, Irupu, Mananthavady, Mudumalai, Coorg, Kudrehabbe, Bellikkal, Kakkabe, Madikeri, Ooty, Bhadra, Manikyadhara, Muthodi, Subramanya, Kanchipuram, Vidarbha, M. M. Hills, Kalpetta, Kukke Subramanya, Srikalahasti, Red Hills, Nilambur, Vaduvanchal, Thiruthani, Wayanad, Sriperumbudur, Coonoor, Karur, Gajanur, Uttukuli, Mandagadde, Horanadu, Bisle, Ulavi, Tirupur are within 300 Km from Bangalore. The trip may take around 6 hours.

Destianation like Pondicherry, Cuddalore, Parassinikadavu Muthappan Temple, Dharmasthala, Thusharigiri Falls, Vijayanagara, Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary, Coimbatore, Malappuram, Kannur, Thalassery, Sringeri, Talacauvery, Trichy, Venur, Adoni, Keladi, Ikkeri, Kudremukh, Chennai, Mahabalipuram, Chidambaram, Chettinad, Vailankanni, Varadahalli, Shringeri, Tungabhadra Dam, Kappad, Sagara, Kurnool, Kozhikode, Kalyani Chowka, Moodabidiri, Dindigul, Sadras, Katil, Seerkazhi, Agumbe, Honnemardu, Mangalore, Hampi, Nellore, Gudavi, Karkala, Humbucha, Kaup, Bekal, Alampur, St. Mary's Island, Jog Falls, Mayiladuthurai, Mantralayam, Poompuhar, Thirukkadaiyur, Lakkidi, Pollachi, Thanjavur, Ponnani, Varaahi, Pulicat, Satodi falls, Magodu falls, Koppal, Banavasi, Devarahole, Navagraha Sthalas, Anaimalai are within 400 Km from Bangalore. The travel time ranges from 5 to 8 hours via Road.

Darasuram, Malpe, Palakkad, Kumbakonam, Malampuzha, Swamimalai, Sirsi, Udupi, Kollur, Kodachaadri, Gadag, Guruvayur, Honnavar, Nagore, Sonda, Marayoor, Thirumanancheri, Karaikudi, Nagapattinam, Kundapur, Palani Hills, Thiruvilvamala, Uttara Kannada, Madurai, Pattadakkal, Badami, Nelliyampathy, Maravanthe, Kumta, Kodaikanal, Dandeli, Thiruvarur, Yana, Thrissur, Munnar, Prakasam, Mudeshwara, Bhatkal, Gokarna, Ongole, Nersa, Angamaly, Kodungallur falls within 500 Km.

Kochi, Thekkady, Kalady, Chendamangalam, Kollur forest, Ramanathapuram, Sivakasi, Malayattoor, Srisailam, Devbagh, Muttupettai, Karwar, Bijapur, Gavi, Shivagange, Mahbubnagar, Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary, Sabarimala, Thattekad Bird Sanctuary, Gokak falls, Chottanikkara, Alleppey, Kumarakom, Kanjirappally, Hyderabad, Goa, Idukki, Rameswaram, Amboli, Peermade, Thiruvalla, Pathanamthitta are few destinations which fall with 600 Km from Bangalore.

Places to Visit Around Bangalore In Andhra

DestinationRelavanceDistance from Bangalore
AhobilamPilgrimage, Adventure / Trekking
Araku ValleyHill Station, Nature & Scenic
Horsley HillsHill Station
LepakshiHistorical & Heritage, Pilgrimage
PapikondaluLake & Backwater, Nature & Scenic
RajahmundryLake & Backwater, Nature & Scenic
SrisailamLake & Backwater, Nature & Scenic, Pilgrimage
Talakona WaterfallsAdventure / Trekking, Waterfall
TirupatiCity, Pilgrimage
VijayawadaCity, Pilgrimage
VizagBeach, City, Nature & Scenic
Araku Waterfalls (Near Araku Valley)Waterfall
Ananthagiri (Near Araku Valley)Hill Station, Nature & Scenic
Borra Caves (Near Araku Valley)Historical & Heritage
Katiki Waterfalls (Near Araku Valley)Waterfall
Tadimada Waterfalls / Anantagiri Waterfalls (Near Araku Valley)Waterfall
Tyda Nature Camp (Near Araku Valley)Adventure / Trekking, Nature & Scenic
Bugga Ramalingeswara Swamy Temple - Tadipatri (Near Anantapur)Historical & Heritage
Chintala Venkataramana Swamy Temple - Tadipatri (Near Anantapur)Historical & Heritage
Gooty Fort (Near Anantapur)Historical & Heritage
Hemavathi (Near Anantapur)Historical & Heritage
Kadiri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Temple (Near Anantapur)Pilgrimage
Penukonda Fort (Near Anantapur)Historical & Heritage
Rayadurgam Fort (Near Anantapur)Historical & Heritage
Kaundinya Wildlife Sanctuary (Near Horsley Hills)Wildlife
Draksharamam (Near Kakinada)Pilgrimage
Puruhutika Devi / Kukkuteswara Temple - Pithapuram (Near Kakinada)Pilgrimage
Samarlakota (Near Kakinada)Pilgrimage
Uppada Beach (Near Kakinada)Beach
Yanam (Near Kakinada)Beach, Nature & Scenic
Adoni Fort (Near Kurnool)Historical & Heritage
Konda Reddy Buruju / Konda Reddy Fort (Near Kurnool)Historical & Heritage
Orvakal Rock Garden / Orvakallu (Near Kurnool)Historical & Heritage
Rollapadu Wildlife Sanctuary (Near Kurnool)Wildlife
Kaigal Falls / Dumukurallu Waterfalls (Near Kanipakam)Waterfall
Antharvedi (Near Rajahmundry)Pilgrimage
Sri Someswara Temple - Bhimavaram (Near Rajahmundry)Pilgrimage
Sri Venkateshwara Swamy Temple - Dwaraka Tirumala (Near Rajahmundry)Pilgrimage
Sri Ksheera Rama Temple - Palakollu (Near Rajahmundry)Pilgrimage
Pulicat Lake & Sanctuary (Near Srikalahasti)Lake & Backwater, Nature & Scenic
Tada Falls / Ubbalamadugu Falls (Near Srikalahasti)Adventure / Trekking, Waterfall
Kadalivanam Caves (Near Srisailam)Adventure / Trekking
Nagarjuna Sagar - Srisailam Sanctuary (Near Srisailam)Wildlife
Sri Venkateswara Wildlife Sanctuary (Near Tirumala)Adventure / Trekking, Wildlife
Chandragiri (Near Tirupati)Historical & Heritage
Kailasakona Waterfalls (Near Tirupati)Waterfall
Nagalapuram (Near Tirupati)Adventure / Trekking, Waterfall
Amaravathi (Near Vijayawada)Historical & Heritage, Pilgrimage
Kondapalli Fort (Near Vijayawada)Historical & Heritage
Kolleru Lake & Sanctuary (Near Vijayawada)Lake & Backwater, Nature & Scenic
Manginapudi Beach (Near Vijayawada)Beach
Machilipatnam (Near Vijayawada)Beach
Mangalagiri - Lakshmi Narasimha Temple (Near Vijayawada)Pilgrimage
Suryalanka Beach - Bapatla (Near Vijayawada)Beach
Undavalli Caves (Near Vijayawada)Historical & Heritage
Vodarevu Beach - Chirala (Near Vijayawada)Beach
Bheemili Beach (Near Vizag)Beach
Bavikonda (Near Vizag)Historical & Heritage
Rishikonda Beach (Near Vizag)Beach
Simhachalam (Near Vizag)Pilgrimage
Thotlakonda (Near Vizag)Historical & Heritage
Tatipudi Reservoir (Near Vizag)Lake & Backwater
Yarada Beach (Near Vizag)Beach
Belum Caves (Near Yaganti)Historical & Heritage
Ethipothala Falls (Near Nagarjuna Sagar)Waterfall
Nagarjuna Konda (Near Nagarjuna Sagar)Historical & Heritage

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