Nersa is a small village in the boundary of Goa and Karnataka in Belgaum District. This is no small place with a thatched roof and very few amenities. On the contrary this is a place that is so abundantly blessed by nature that slowly and surely many tourists are visiteing this place for the eco tourism that is on offer here. A place that is famous for its biodiversity and forests that are rich with some of the rarest flora and fauna, Nersa is slowly attracting people efrom all over to come and explore it. Nersa is a part of the proposed Bhimgarh sanctuary and it is a place that offers people lush green nature.

This is a place for wildlife enthusiasts. All you need to do is take a camera and wait for the right moment. The species you see here are truly wonderful. The Hermitage is a resort that has recently opened here making it a veru tourist friendly zone. A working farm which is secluded, yet located in the lap of the Western Ghats, there are very few people who can resisit the lure of this place. This is a place that will give you the opportunity to observe and experience rural India. A place that will make you realise that every corner of our country has a hidden beauty. Home stay is available for tourists in Nersa. One can spend his vacation in the Western Ghats with the personal hosts, enjoying all the comforts of home, while experiencing the Color and Chaos of rural India.