Spirit of Wipro 2011 Bangalore

Spirit of Wipro Run 2011 held in 56 cities globally with participation of over 25000 Wiproites.

Bangalore: 15th October 2011 saw the Spirit of Wipro Run in its 6th edition become a run with its own reckoning. Started in 2006 July, with an intention of bringing the Wipro's run loving community together and also to celebrate the essence of Spirit of Wipro as a community, the run over the years has grown both in terms of popularity, scale and the sheer number of runners.

The run is an annual event with participation from employees, family, friends and customers to celebrate Wipro's values of - Intensity to Win, Act with Sensitivity and Unyielding Integrity.

The run was organized over a period of 24 hours across 11 cities in India and 45 overseas locations across 5 continents - a first in the run's six year history.

Commenting on the run, Mr. Anurag Behar, Chief Sustainability Officer at Wipro said, "The Spirit of Wipro Run is really about people who love to run and has always been an embodiment of diversity and the values that define Wipro as an organization. This year the run has taken a giant leap, where more than 56 locations from across the world have come together to participate as one Big Wipro Family".

The highlight of the run was the fact that as the sun swept from the eastern part of the globe to the western part of the globe, the run followed course beginning from Australia / Japan and ending in West Coast USA / Canada. October 15th 2011, was one of the longest days in the history of Wipro as an organization, where Wiproites from around the world embarked on a unique journey to keep the sun from setting!

Rightly so, the run's theme was hence called "Miles With The Sun".