Travel in BMTC Buses Set to Become Smarter

Rohith B R Bangalore, April 20, 2012, DHNS

Travel in Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) buses is set to become a smarter experience for residents who are braving delays and overcrowding.

BMTC has already floated tenders for the intelligent transport system (ITS) project, which is already in the final stage of implementation in Mysore.

Under the project, passengers would get real-time update on the arrival and departure of buses they are waiting for. Such information would also be available on cellphones of passengers as Global Positioning System (GPS) would be fitted in all buses and bus stations in the City under the project.

Speaking to Deccan Herald, K R Srinivas, MD, BMTC, said nine companies had come forward to take up the project.

He said a committee involving experts from Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore and other establishments, would finalise the company to implement the project. Srinivas said there would be electronic ticketing facility in all city buses which will also come with smart card accommodation in future.

He said revenue monitoring on a real time basis and tracking the frequency of passengers between specific routes would be easier once the system was in place.

It can be noted that following the approval of Union Ministry of Urban Development, Mysore city was selected for the implementation of ITS, in a first of its kinds in the country. In the first phase, over 400 buses in Mysore have been fitted with GPS and are well in control by a central monitoring station for real time information.

Around seven terminals and around 50 bus stations have been installed with digital display boards where the updates on arrival and departure of the buses will be displayed for passengers.

Officials with BMTC said that ITS helped in reducing waiting time for passengers, better management of fuel consumption and emissions.

A?senior official of BMTC?also said ITS?would bridge the accessibility gap in the bus transport system along with ensuring safety for commuters.

BMTC buses would be installed with Global position system (GPS) as part of the Vehicle Mounted Unit. The unit receives the position coordinates from the satellite and the location information is then sent across to the Central Control station through the wireless communication link.

On the reception of inputs, devices at the central control station update the display boards at the bus shelters, stops along the route, TTMCs and at the display systems at bus terminal platform.