Pavagada is a panchayat town in Tumkur district in Karnataka. Pavagada is famous for its big mountains with some historical background. It is a great place for mountain climbing and trekking. Distance from Thikri, Madhya Pradesh to Pavagada, Karnataka is 1,116.3 km and travel time is around 19 h 27 min via NH13. Distance from Pavagada to Ballari, Karnataka is 129.3 km and takes around 2 h 43 min via Bellary Road. Distance from Parbhani, Maharashtra to Pavagada, Karnataka is 803.7 km and travelling takes around 14 h 2 min via NH161 and NH 44.

Pavagada is also famous for the Shan Mahatma Temple of god Shani. A special pooja is performed at Pavagada at 5 am. Sravana masa (Hindi month July-August) is good time to visit this temple where a huge crowd from diffrent parts of the sounth india will assemble. This whole month will be celebrated in the name of god Shani.

For accommodation down the hills a DSK rest house is available at Rs 120 for a double accommodation. Bangalore to Pavagada is 158 km and takes approx 2 hrs, 47 mins by road.

Sri Shani Mahatma Temple
Sri Shani Mahatma Temple is located Kanasawadi on Nelamangala - Doddaballapur road in Doddaballapur taluk, Karnataka state. The place is also known as Chikka Madhure. The temple is just as important as the Shaneshwara Temple which is located at Pavagada in Tumkur district. The temple is devoted to Lord Shani Mahatma. Ganga Hanumaiah constructed this temple, who was a local farmer in the area. Especially on Saturdays in the Hindu Month calendar known as ShravanaMasa many devotees visit this place. Worshipping and offering special prayers to this temple is believed to get rid of all negative effects in oneself.

It is believed that one can get rid of or lessen the negative effects of Sade sathi or Ashtama Shani or Panchama Shani on worshipping or by offering special poojas to Sri Shaneshwara Temple at Chikka Madhure. While visiting this people one can see people offering Ellu Batti which means black sesame seeds in Kannada. They offer this in front of the fire. These black seed are tied in small pieces of cloth and dipped in Gingelly oil (Sesame oil). The timing of the temple is from 6 am to 8 pm.

Bangalore to Pavagada KSRTC Volvo Bus
The Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) introduced Airavat (Volvo) services from Bangalore to Pavagada in 2010. The service to Pavagada leaves Bangalore at 5.45 PM to reach Pavagada at 9.15 PM and Y.N. Hoskote at 9.45 PM via Gauribidanur, Hindupur and Madakashira. In the return direction, the service leaves Y.N. Hoskote at 6 p.m. to reach Pavagada at 6.40 AM and Bangalore at 9.45 AM.

Lord Shani Temple Pavgadha poojas & Best Days to Visit at Pavagadh Temple Karnataka (Shani Shaneshwar Mandir near Pavagada, Senieswardu Temple in Karnataka)

Pavagadh is a Hill Station, and a Municipality in Panchmahal district about 46 kilometres away from Vadodara in Gujarat. It is known for a famous Pavagadh Mahakali mandir which draws thousands of pilgrims everyday. Gujarat government has planned Rs. 73 crore development project for Pavagadh.[Source: Newshunt, 23rd June, 2014]

Kote Aanjaneya Swamy Temple

Kote Aanjaneya Swamy Temple is located at the foot of the Pavagada fort known as Raaja Mangaraaya. The Temple is in existence since the days of Vijayanagara Empire from 1406 AD. The gigantic 13 ft height idol of Lord Hanuman is believed to have been consecrated by Sri Vyaasa Raajaru the great Madhva Saint/Philosopher and Raja Guru of Sri Krishna Devaraaya. Pooja/rituals at this temple are conducted as per Madhva Sampradaya.

Penukonda about 130 km from Bangalore on the NH-7 towards Anantapur is a historic town referred to as the second capital of Sri Krishna Devaraaya the then Emperor of Vijayanagara dynasty. Sri Vyaasa Raajaru, Raja Guru of Sri Krishna Devaraaya stayed at Penukonda for a period of one year. It is said and believed that out of the 732 idols of Lord Hanuman installed/consecrated by Sri Vyaasa Raajaru 50% are located in Penukonda (within a radius of about 10 km) where He (Sri Vyaasaraajaru) used to install every day one Hanuman idol. Sri Sreepaada Raajaru (1412 � 1502) an outstanding saint and philosopher of Sri Madhva Parampara was the Vidya Guru of Sri Vyaasa Raajaru. The idol of Lord Hanuman (depicted above) located on the old post office road of Penukonda is believed to have been installed by Sri Sreepaada Raajaru. The temple is under the auspices of Sreepaada Raaja Mutt � Mulabagalu. Sri Raaghavendra Swamy Brundavana below the idol of Lord Hanuman has been installed subsequently.

Distance from Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh to Pavagada Road is 126.4 km and takes around 2 h 2 min via NH44. Distance from Hindupur, Andhra Pradesh to Pavagada, Karnataka is 46.9 km and takes around 1 h 15 min via Hindupur Road/Madakasira - Hindupur Road. Distance from Penukonda, Andhra Pradesh to Pavagada, Karnataka is 37.6 km and takes around 56 min via Roddam - Pavagada Road. Distance from Tumakuru to Pavagada, Karnataka is 98.9 km and travelling takes around 2 h 6 min via SH 3.

Pavagada Fort Tumakuru Karnataka