Pavagada Nagalamadaka Subramanya Swamy Temple

Distance between bangalore to pavagada naga temple: Nagalamadaka Subramanya Swamy Temple (Antya Subrahmanya, Nagalamadike Subramanya Swamy Temple) at Pavagada is one of the important spiritual centers that has been attracting devotees from far and near, especially during the period of Karthika Maasa which begins with the new moon in November. This temple is situated on the banks of the River North Pinakini. It is located just 15 km away from Pavaguda Taluk, Karnataka. Nagalamada Subramanya Swamy Temple has many interesting legends associated with the place and is very popular among residents living in this region for the beautiful idol of Lord Subramanya and divinity associated with its origin.

Known as 'Roddam Munnur Harive' earlier, this region was under the rule of the Nolamba Pallavas. The entire region is verdant with lush green pastures where deer used to live in huge numbers. Nagalamadika was initially an agrahara or a small village inhabited mainly by Brahmins. The legend dates back to four centuries ago when a temple priest, Sri Annam Bhattaru used to go to Kukke Subrahmanya Temple every year to attend the rathotsava or car festival.

One year, when Annam Bhattaru had grown very old, he found it difficult to reach the temple on time. To the utter amazement and surprise of the other devotees, the ratha (chariot) refused to budge. Furthermore, Lord Subramanya appeared and instructed one of his devotees not to perform any ritual until Annam Bhattaru had arrived. And true to his word, the ratha moved only after Annam Bhattaru made his appearance. Lord Subramanya later instructed Annam Bhattaru to continue his poojas at Nagalamadika itself and also bade him to take the naghabharana or the ornaments with him from Kukke Subramanya; and this is still worshiped with utmost devotion at the time of the rathotsava or car festival.

Lord Subramanya appeared in Sri Annam Bhattaru's dream one day and informed him that he would be in the North Pinakini River. The Lord instructed Bhattaru to excavate his idol and establish a temple. On digging, people of the village retrieved the Mulavigraha or the main idol which was consecrated, and a temple was built.

Years later, a bigger temple was constructed when Roddam Bala Subbiah had a dream, asking him to build a temple. Till today, the family of Bala Subbiah provides food to devotees at the time of the rathotsava.

Nagalamadaka is actually in the border region between the states of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka and the residents here predominantly speak Telugu. 'Nagala' in Telugu means 'snake' or 'naga' and the temple came to be known as Nagalamadaka in Telugu and Nagalamadike in Kannada. Sri Annam Bhattaru established a temple with three stones pointing toward three directions and one stone was placed over them. Here he performed poojas. Even today his successors perform poojas here.

It is believed that Subramanya or Kumara Swami merged with the snake, Vaasuki near Kumara Dhara River in a forest. This place is today famous as Kukke Subramanya in Dakshina Kannada, Sulya Taluk and is considered as Adi Subramanyam, Adi meaning 'the first'. Around this region three Subramanyam centers are famous including Kukke Sri Subramanya, Sri Ghati Subramanya also known as 'Madhya Subramanyam' or 'the one in the middle' and Sri Nagalamadaka Kshetra Subramanya which is the Antya Subramanyam or the last Subramanyam.

It is also believed that Lord Sriram was supposed to have visited and stayed in this place for a short period. It is here that his brother Lakshmana, who had been obedient till then, had argued against his brother; the natives of this place are hence known for their attitude of dissent.

Every year, on the occasion of Pushya Shuddha Shashti, the grand Brahma Rathotsava is observed. Pushya month falls between December-January and shasti is the 6th day of the 14 day phase of moon, while shuddha shashti is the sixth day after every full moon day. The Ratotsava or car festival attracts huge crowds of people. After the Ratotsava a ten-day Dhanagala Jatra is held. Facilities for stay, free food or annadhanam as well as distribution of clothes to the needy are organized during this occasion by the Nagalamadaka Subramanya Vasavi Charitable Trust.