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Petting Zoo in Bangalore

A petting zoo features a combination of domesticed animals and some wild species that are docile enough to touch and feed. In addition to independent petting zoos, also called children's farms or petting farms, many general zoos contain a petting zoo. Some petting zoos can be found in city parks, and some petting zoos are also mobile and will travel to a home for a children's party or event. Many areas have a qualified mobile petting zoo.

Most petting zoos are designed to provide only relatively placid, herbivorous domesticated animals, such as sheep, goats, rabbits, or ponies, to safely feed and physically interact with. This is in contrast to the usual zoo experience, where normally wild animals are viewed from behind safe enclosures where no contact is possible. A few provide wild species (such as pythons or baby big cats) to interact with, but these are rare and usually found outside of Western nations.

Gerry Martin Farm

Gerry Martin Farm has lots of domestic and farm animals including donkeys, goats, cows, horses, rabbits, guinea pigs and dogs. Bird-lovers will delight in our brood of ducks, chickens, finches, emus, pigeons and bantams. Kids get to participate in the feeding of some animals, and may be encouraged to pet some animals; at any age, they will learn something new about the creatures they interact with.

The Martin Farm Bangalore
33, Carmelaram post,
Sarjapur Road - Chikka Bellandur, Bangalore
Phone Number: +91-80-6570-0638, 098457 79666
Visting Hours: 10:00AM - 6:00 PM

Butterfly Park in Bannerghatta Butterfly Park

The country's first Butterfly Park was established in the Bannerghatta Biological Park. It was inaugurated on Saturday 25 November 2006 by Kapil Sibal, Union Minister of Science and Technology.

The Butterfly Park is spread across 7.5 acres of land. Butterfly Park comprises a butterfly conservatory, a museum, and an audiovisual room. The butterfly conservatory, which is a circular enclosure with a poly-carbonate roof, is 10,000 sq ft. Inside the conservatory, the living environment has been carefully designed to support more than twenty species of butterflies. The Butterfly Conservatory which houses around 20 species of butterflies.

The environment has a tropical setting, with a humid climate, an artificial waterfall, and appropriate flora to attract butterflies. The conservatory leads to the second and third domes, which house the museum containing dioramas and exhibits of carefully preserved butterflies.

Petting Zoo in Innovative Film City

Another popular petting zoo is located inside Innovative film city. This is present near the parking lot in Innnovative Film City. Children can get their farming & agriculture lessons at the petting zoo where they can feed and pet different domestic animals such as Emu birds, Swans, Lambs, Cows, Chickens, Turkeys, Ducks, Guinea Fowl, etc. Special classes can be organized with demonstration on farming & agriculture on request at the Petting Zoo Very informative and relaxing.