Pollachi is a town and a taluk headquarters in Coimbatore district, Tamil Nadu. Located about 40 km to the south of Coimbatore, it is the second largest town in the district after Coimbatore. Pollachi is a very popular Marketplace, with supposedly large markets for jaggery, vegetables and cattle. As of 2011, the town had a population of 90,180.

Azhiyar Dam
This dam is located on the foothills of Anamalai in Western Ghats. Monkey falls deriving its name due to the abundance of monkeys found in the region is located close to the dam. Vethathiri Maharishi Yoga and Kaya Kalpa Research Foundation founded by Vethathiri Maharishi is located near Azhiyar.

Valparai is about 65 km from Pollachi and is situated at an altitude of 3500 feet above the sea level. Valparai can be reached via Azhiyar through a hilly road with 40 hair pin bends.Solaiyar Dam is 15 km from Valparai town after Mudis and is one of the largest rock dams in India. The length of the reservoir it impounds is about 20 km.

Anamalai Wildlife Sanctuary
Anamalai Wildlife Sanctuary is situated at an average altitude of 1,400 meters in the Western Ghats near Pollachi. The area of the sanctuary is 958 sq km. An ecological paradise, this sanctuary encompasses a National Park and was recently been renamed as Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary and National Park.

TopSlip and Chinnakallar
TopSlip is a point located at an altitude of about 800 feet in the Anamalai mountain range. It is about 37 km from Pollachi and this small town serves as an ideal picnic spot with its wooden log houses and safaris. Chinnakallar is renowned for receiving the highest rainfall in Tamil Nadu.

Parambikulam Dam and National Park
Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary is situated in the valley between the Anaimalai Hills of Tamil Nadu and the Nelliampathi range of Kerala. The areas hilly and rocky, drained by several rivers, including Parambikulam, Sholayar and Thekkady. It is thickly forested with stands of bamboo, sandalwood, rosewood and teak, the sanctuary has some marshy land and scattered patches of grassland. Kannimara, one of the oldest and largest teak trees is another attraction in the sanctuary. It has a girth of 6.52 metres, height of 48.25 metres when the measurement was taken in 2003. Parambikulam Aliya multipurpose project involves a series of dams interconnected by tunnels and canals at various elevations to harness the Parambikulam, Aliyar, Nirar, Sholiyar, Thunkadavu, Thenkkadi and Palar rivers, laid for irrigation and power generation.