Pyramid Valley, Bangalore

Pyramid valley is the biggest pyramid shaped meditation hall (Meditation Centre & Yoga/Fitness Center) in the world, along with being the largest pyramid in Asia. Maitreya-Buddha Pyramid with a capacity of 5,000 people, is the World's Largest Pyramid built solely for practicing intensive meditation. The most effective place for meditation is the King's Chamber that can accommodate 40 people at a time and is situated at a height of 34 feet inside the Pyramid. There is also a dormitory near the pyramid which can accommodate 200 people at a time. It is believed that meditation in this pyramid is about three times more effective than normal meditation.

Built in 2005, Pyramid valley stands at above 102 feet. Its base measures 160 ft by 160 ft with the main meditation area spanning 25,600 sq ft. Pyramid valley is located 30 km from Banashankari Temple.

The design, influenced by the ones at Giza, Egypt, the oldest of the world's seven wonders, is simple, yet inspiring. It consists of a massive steel structure, mounted on a concrete base. The steel frame is covered by 40,000 cement tiles, carefully placed to form a beautiful mural of the elements. The north face of the Pyramid has murals depicting air, the south portrays fire, the west earth and the east, water. The vast space inside the pyramid is representative of the fifth element, space.

The interiors and exteriors of the Pyramid have been designed in such a way as to provide the most conducive environment for meditation. Complete with murals, paintings and statues of Lord Buddha, the pyramid provides the perfect ambience for peaceful and undisturbed meditation. Twenty one steps lead into the core of the pyramid which is strategically lit up through the windows which filter light and send in just the right amount to complete the setup.

Contact Address
Pyramid Valley International
Pyramid Valley, Kebbedoddi Village,
Nr Harohalli, Kanakapura Road,
Bangalore, Karnataka - 560062
Phone Number: (080) 32723143, 8147093629,
8147093621, 8147093627