Rajarajeshwari Nagar Bus Number Timings

Rajarajeshwari Nagar BMTC City Bus Number Services Platform No, BMTC Bus Route, Fare, Timetable, Schedule & Frequency in Morning & Evening with details of Bus stops in between. First Bus is at 12:15 and the last Bus at 11:00. Shortest Bus Route from Rajarajeshwari Nagar and Alternate BMTC Bus Routes, City Bus Facility to Rajarajeshwari Nagar, Bangalore local bus time table, Bangalore BMTC Volvo Bus Route Guide. Vayu Vajra AC Volvo Corona JNNurm Bus Timings - Arrival Departure Time & Bus Facility, Cab Charges, Auto Fare from Rajarajeshwari Nagar. Rajarajeshwari Nagar in Bangalore direct Bus Numbers & distance from Rajarajeshwari Nagar are listed.

Rajarajeshwari Nagar is a locality in South Bangalore, Karnataka. It is located in the southern part of Bangalore on the Mysore road. The locality has been named after a famous temple - Rajarajeshwari Temple which was built in early 1960s by Sri Tiruchi Swami. The area has lots of greenery and is one of the nice residential localities in Bangalore. Ideal homes, BEML layout, BHEL Layout etc. are the zones with in Rajarajeshwari Nagar (RR Nagar in short). From Mysore road, there is a Grand Arch constructed at the entrance of this area. The arch was built by the Rajarajeshwari Temple and inaugurated by then Prime Minister P. V. Narasimha Rao.

Route Bus No.
Banashankari bus stand to Rajarajeshwari Nagar Arch225, 374
Banashankari to Rajarajeshwari Nagar374, 373
Bangalore Rajarajeshwari Nagar to Atria Hotel226, 401
Bangalore Rajarajeshwari Nagar to Palace RoadORRCA
Bansankari to Global Academy of Technology Rajarajeshwari Nagar Of Mysore Road225
Btm to rajarajeshwari nagar gate
Girinagar and rajarajeshwari nagar
Global academy of technology rajarajeshwari nagar off mysore road bmtc bus from kengeri
Gurguntepalya to rajarajeshwari nagar
Hal layout rajarajeshwari nagar
Hanumantha nagar to rajarajeshwari nagar, bangalore
Hebbal bangalore to rajarajeshwari nagar
Igate bangalore to rajarajeshwari nagar bangalore
Jalahalli cross to rajarajeshwari nagar
Jayanagar to rajarajeshwari nagar
Kamakya Circle to rajarajeshwari nagar
Kengeri post office to rajarajeshwari nagar
KR Market to rajarajeshwari nagar
Mahalakshmi layout to rajarajeshwari nagar
Majestic to global college rajarajeshwari nagar bangalore
Majestic to rajarajeshwari nagar arch
nelamangala to rajarajeshwari nagar
Raja Rajarajeshwari Nagar to Kirloskar Business Park Hebbal
Raja Rajeahwari Temple to Kumarshwami Layout
Raja Rajeshwari Gate to Thyagaraj Nagar, Bangalore
Raja Rajeshwari Nagar from Shivajinagar
Raja Rajeshwari Nagar to Manyata Tech Park
Rajarajaeshwari Nagar to Majestic
Rajarajeshwari Arch to Bidadi Industrial Area
Rajarajeshwari College Engineering to Kumbalgodu226, 227, 228
Rajarajeshwari College Kumbalgodu to Majestic226, 227, 228
Rajarajeshwari College Of Dental Science from Yeshwantpur Station
Rajarajeshwari College of Engg to Banshankari225, 226, 373, 374
Rajarajeshwari College Of Engg to BTM Layout373, 502, 600
Rajarajeshwari College of Engg to Kengeri226, 227, 228, 231
Rajarajeshwari College Of Engineering from Chandapura
Rajarajeshwari College of Engineering mysore road to Veerabhadranagar373, 374
Rajarajeshwari College of Engineering Mysore Road226, 228
Rajarajeshwari College Of Engineering to K.M Puram Mysore
Rajarajeshwari College of Engineering to Majestic225, 226, 228
Rajarajeshwari College of Engineering to Mekhri Circle226, 253, 401
Rajarajeshwari College of Engineering to Veerabhadranagar374, 401, 501, 502
Rajarajeshwari College Of Engineering,Mysore Road
Rajarajeshwari College to Laggere248, MBS
Rajarajeshwari Dental College And Bidqdi
Rajarajeshwari Dental College to Acs Engineering Mysore Road
Rajarajeshwari Dental College to don bosco institute of technology
Rajarajeshwari Dental College to electronic city
Rajarajeshwari Dental College to jalahalli cross
Rajarajeshwari Dental hospital to majestic
Rajarajeshwari Dental hospital to nagarbhavi
Rajarajeshwari Engg college mysore road to nayandahalli
Rajarajeshwari Engg college to vijayanagar
Rajarajeshwari Engineering college to majestic
Rajarajeshwari engreeing college mysore road to majestic
Rajarajeshwari gate from banashankari
Rajarajeshwari gate to bsf circle
Rajarajeshwari Gate to Jayanagar
Rajarajeshwari Gate to K R Market
Rajarajeshwari gate to kamakhya
Rajarajeshwari Gate to Shivaji Nagar
Rajarajeshwari Gate to Sujata
Rajarajeshwari hospital to majestic
Rajarajeshwari medical college mysore road to peenya
Rajarajeshwari medical college to electronic city
Rajarajeshwari medical college to jalahalli cross
Rajarajeshwari medical college to jalahalli east
Rajarajeshwari medical college to kottigepalya
Rajarajeshwari medical college to majestic
Rajarajeshwari Medical College to Malleshpallya 5
Rajarajeshwari medical college to marathalli bridge
Rajarajeshwari Medical College to Silk Board
Rajarajeshwari medical college to vijaynagar
Rajarajeshwari nagar 4th stage to majestic
rajarajeshwari nagar arch from Majestic
rajarajeshwari nagar arch to residency road bangalore
Rajarajeshwari nagar arch to vijayanagar
Rajarajeshwari nagar beml complex to kempegowda bus station
Rajarajeshwari nagar beml layout to Majestic
Rajarajeshwari nagar beml layout to yeshwantpur
Rajarajeshwari Nagar Bus No from Peenya
rajarajeshwari nagar from banashankari
rajarajeshwari nagar from banglore station
Rajarajeshwari Nagar from Electronic City
Rajarajeshwari Nagar from Goruguntepalya
Rajarajeshwari Nagar from Kbs
rajarajeshwari nagar from kengeri
rajarajeshwari nagar from majestic
Rajarajeshwari nagar from manyata embassy park
rajarajeshwari nagar from silk board
rajarajeshwari nagar from yeshwanthapura
Rajarajeshwari Nagar Gate to Tvs Cross Peenya
Rajarajeshwari nagar global academy technology to jayanagar
Rajarajeshwari nagar global college to kr market
Rajarajeshwari nagar in majestic
Rajarajeshwari nagar Krishna gardens to majestic
Rajarajeshwari nagar mysore to railway station
Rajarajeshwari Nagar Nagar to Jayanagar
rajarajeshwari nagar nimishamba templefrom Majestic
Rajarajeshwari Nagar Off Mysore Road Ideal Homes township to Megestic
Rajarajeshwari nagar omkar temple from majestic
Rajarajeshwari nagar telephone to yeshwanthpur
Rajarajeshwari nagar temple to shanthi nagar bus stand
Rajarajeshwari nagar temple to silk board
rajarajeshwari nagar to anekal, banglore
Rajarajeshwari nagar to anekal
Rajarajeshwari nagar to banashankari
Rajarajeshwari nagar to bannerghatta national park
Rajarajeshwari Nagar to Bannerghatta Road
Rajarajeshwari nagar to banshankari
Rajarajeshwari Nagar to Basavanagudi
Rajarajeshwari nagar to basaveshwara nagar
Rajarajeshwari nagar to bel circle
Rajarajeshwari nagar to big banyan tree
Rajarajeshwari nagar to btm layout
Rajarajeshwari nagar to btm
Rajarajeshwari nagar to cbi
rajarajeshwari nagar to chinnaswamy stadium
Rajarajeshwari nagar to dayananda sagar college of Engineering
Rajarajeshwari nagar to dodda basti
Rajarajeshwari nagar to don bosco inst of technology, kumbalagodu
Rajarajeshwari nagar to electronic city
Rajarajeshwari nagar to Forum
Rajarajeshwari nagar to gandhi bazar
Rajarajeshwari nagar to guruguntepalya
Rajarajeshwari Nagar to Hebbal Lake
Rajarajeshwari nagar to hebbal
Rajarajeshwari nagar to hsr layout
Rajarajeshwari nagar to iblur gate
Rajarajeshwari nagar to iskcon bangalore
rajarajeshwari nagar to itpl
Rajarajeshwari nagar to jakkur post
Rajarajeshwari nagar to jayanagar 4th block
Rajarajeshwari nagar to jayanagar
Rajarajeshwari Nagar to Koli Farm Gate
Rajarajeshwari Nagar to Koramangala
Rajarajeshwari nagar to kundalahalli gate
Rajarajeshwari Nagar to Laggere Bridge
Rajarajeshwari nagar to mahadevapura
Rajarajeshwari nagar to majestic
Rajarajeshwari nagar to manipal hospital
Rajarajeshwari Nagar to Manyata Tech Park
Rajarajeshwari nagar to marathahalli
Rajarajeshwari nagar to mg road
Rajarajeshwari nagar to mysore railway station
Rajarajeshwari Nagar to Nagarbhavi Bangalore
Rajarajeshwari nagar to nagarbhavi circle
rajarajeshwari nagar to omkara hills
Rajarajeshwari Nagar to Orion Mall
Rajarajeshwari nagar to peenya
Rajarajeshwari Nagar to Peenyas
Rajarajeshwari nagar to rajajinagar 1st block
Rajarajeshwari nagar to rajarajeshwari medical college and hospial
Rajarajeshwari nagar to ramaih nagar
Rajarajeshwari nagar to richmond circle
Rajarajeshwari nagar to sadashiv nagar
Rajarajeshwari Nagar to Satelite
Rajarajeshwari nagar to shivaji nagar
Rajarajeshwari nagar to silk board
Rajarajeshwari nagar to south end circle
Rajarajeshwari nagar to st john's hospital
Rajarajeshwari nagar to sunkadakatte
Rajarajeshwari nagar to tin factory
Rajarajeshwari nagar to uttarahalli
Rajarajeshwari nagar to vijayanagar to
Rajarajeshwari nagar to vijaynagar maruthi mandir
Rajarajeshwari nagar to vijaynagar toll gate
Rajarajeshwari nagar to whitefield
Rajarajeshwari nagar to yelahanka
Rajarajeshwari Nagar to Yeshwantpur Railway Station
Rajarajeshwari nagar, mysore road to mejestic
rajarajeshwari nagara to paparedypalya
Rajarajeshwari Temple Bangalore
Rajarajeshwari temple kengeri from btm
Rajarajeshwari temple rajarajeshwari nagar to bellandur
Rajarajeshwari temple to Bangalore city junction
Rajarajeshwari temple to jayanagar 3rd block
Rajarajeshwari temple to konappana agrahara
Rajarajeshwari temple to rajajinagar
Rajarajeshwari temple to shivajinagar
Rajarajeshwari temple to uttarahalli
Rajarajeshwari temple to whitefield
Rajarajeshwari temple to yeshwantpur
Rajarajeshwari to Bangalore International Airport
Rajarajeshwari to uttarahalli kengeri main road
Rajarajeshwarinagar Gate to Complex Stop
Rajarajeshwarinagar to banerghatta road
Rajarajeshwarinagar to jp nagar
Rajarajeshwarinagar to vdyarantapura
Rajarajeshwariwari nagar to kbs bangalore
Rajarajeswari College Of Engineering, Ramohalli Cross from Majestic
Rajarajeswari College Of Engineering, Ramohalli Cross, Mysore Road, Kumbalgodu to Majestic Bangalore
Rajarajeswari Gate And Global Engineering College
Rajarajeswari Nagar to Mg Road
Rajarajeswari Nagar to Shivaji Nagar
Rajarsjeshwari Nagar to Majestic
Rajeshwari College to Koramangala
Rajeshwari Nagar from Bannerghatta
Rr Gate Mysore Road to Majestic
Rr Gate to Chandralayout
Rr Gate to Indian Express
Rr Gate to Rnsit College
Rr Medical College from Marathalli
Rr Nagar Depot to Kempegowda Bus Station
Rr Nagar to Airport
Rr Nagar to Banargata
Rr Nagar to Banshankri
Rr Nagar to Chinnaswamy Stadium
Rr Nagar to Chinnaswamy
Rr Nagar to Jaynagar
Rr Nagar to Kr Market
Rr Nagar to Kubrubrahalli
Rr Nagar to Majastic
Rr Nagar to Majestic
Rr Nagar to Ms Palya
Rr Nagar to Peenya 2nd Phase
Rr Nagar to Vijayanagar
Rr Temple to Kr Market
Rr Temple to Yeshwantpur
Shivaji Nagar to rajarajeshwari nagar bangalore
Shivaji Nagar to rajarajeshwari nagar
Vijayanagar to rajarajeshwari nagar

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► Unisex Spa near Rajarajeshwari Nagar

Rajarajeshwari College Of Engineering (RRCE)
Near Rajarajeshwari Medical College
Kumbalgodu, Mysore Road, Bangalore - 560074
Phone Number: (080) 28437124

Distance of Raja Rajeshwari Nagar from MS Palya is 9 Km. Distance from BPL (ITPL) to Rajarajeshwarinagar Gate is 34 KM. Distance from Vijayanagar to Rajarajeshwarinagar Gate is 5 KM. Distance from Electronic City to Rajarajeshwarinagar Gate is 23 KM.

RNS Institute of Technology

RNS Institute of Technology is a college of engineering and technology and is located in Bangalore, India. The college is affiliated to Visvesvaraya Technological University. R.N. Shetty Institute of Technology (RNSIT) established in the year 2001, is the brain-child of the Group Chairman, Dr. R.N. Shetty.The Murudeshwar Group of Companies headed by Sri. R. N. Shetty is a leading player in many industries viz construction, manufacturing, hotel, automobile, power & IT services and education. The group has contributed significantly to the field of education. A number of educational institutions are run by the R. N. Shetty Trust, with RNSIT one amongst them. With a continuous desire to provide quality education to the society, the group has established RNSIT, an institution to nourish and produce the best of engineering talents in the country. RNSIT is among the top 10 engineering colleges in Karnataka. The Computer Science Department of the college has been regarded as one of the best in the state.

RNS Institute of Technology
47, Rajarajeshwarinagar post, Uttarahalli Main Road,
Channasandra, RR Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560098
Phone Number: 08028611881

Shanmukha Temple, Rajarajeswari Nagar

There is a Shanmukha Temple is in BEML Layout, Rajarajeswari Nagar, Bangalore. Lord Muruga is called by a plethora of different names, popular of them being Shanmugha, Subramanya, and Karthikeya.

Shanmukha Temple
5th Stage, Beml Layout, Rajarajeshwari Nagar,
Bangalore - 560098
Phone Number: +(91)-9845795796, +(91)-80-28616099

Distance from Rajarajeshwari Nagar to ISKCON is 6.8 km and takes around 20 min via Dr.Vishnuvardhan Rd/Uttarahalli Road. Distance from RR Nagar to ITPL is 30.4 km and takes around 1 h 13 min via Mysore Road.

Shrungagiri Shanmukha Temple

Shrungagiri Shanmukha Temple located in RajaRajeshwari Nagar and is one of the main religious places of Bangalore. Shanmukha temple which is situated on top of the hillock called "Shrungagiri". The temple is situated 240ft. height from the ground level. This temple belongs to Shri Sharada Peetham, Shringeri. The Crystal Dome above the Gopuram has a height of 42', with 33' Diameter and 105' Circumference. The six faces of Lord Shanmukha are 6" thick concrete moulded structures. Apart from the Shanmukha Temple, a Panchamikhi Vinayaka Temple has also been built at the bottom of hill at Shrungagiri. f its kind not only in the country, but also in the world. The silent features of the Shrungagiri Shanmukha temple are the Sanctum Sanctorum (Garbha Gudi) is of traditional design, while the exterior of the Shrungagiri Shanmukha temple is of architectural design and the Temple Tower (Gopuram) is totally unique depicting the six faces of Lord Shanmukha.

Shrungagiri Shanmukha Temple
RajaRajeshwari Nagar,
Near Kengeri - Uttarahalli Main Road,

The uniqueness of Shrungagiri Shanmukha temple is the roof of temple is fixed with a Sun Tracking System having 2 vertical and 2 horizontal sun light sensors, the position of these sensors themselves face to the Sun from morning till evening and track maximum Sun rays at any given point of time during the day. The Sun rays thus tracked are directed on to the main deity, from any direction, enabling 'Surya Kirana Abhisheka' to Lord Shanmukha right from early morning.

Apart from the Shanmukha Temple, a Panchamikhi Vinayaka Temple has also been built at the bottom of hill at Shrungagiri. This temple is also unique in as much as the Panchamukhi Vinayaka is "Simhavaahanaroodha" (riding a lion). The temple complex also houses a "Nagara Katte" and plans are afoot to build a Shiva Temple and Navagraha Prathishtapana - both of which again would be unique in nature.

Distance from RR Nagar to Bannerghatta National Park is 32.8 km and travel time is around 52 min via NICE Ring Road. Distance from RR Nagar to BEML Layout, Brookefield is 26.8 km and travel time is around 1 h 21 min via Mysore Rd and HAL Airport Road. Distance from RR Nagar to BEML Layout, Brookefield is 26.8 km and travel time is around 1 h 21 min via Mysore Rd and HAL Airport Road. Distance from Rajarajeshwari Nagar to Wipro Consumer Care - Head Office, Wipro Consumer Care & Lighting, Block C, Doddakanelli, Sarjapur Road is 18.9 km and takes around 39 min via NH44.

Global Academy of Technology

Global Academy of Technology (GAT) was launched in 2001 with a watchword of providing high standards of academies and research in the field of engineering & technology. The famous college comes under the roof of National Education Foundation, a trust dedicated to the cause of imparting quality education. GAT is affiliated to Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU) recognized by Government of Karnataka and approved by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE). In a very short span of time GAT comes out as one of the fancy college among the young bloods. College offers undergraduate, post graduate and PhD programmes for learners and makes them deft for the industry.

Global Academy of Technology
Mysore Rd, Off Mysore Road,
Near Ideal Homes Township, Rajarajeshwari Nagar,
Bengaluru, Karnataka 560098
Phone Number:080 2860 3158, 91-80-28603158, 28603157, +(91)-9243190105

Distance from RR Nagar to Chickpet, Bengaluru is 10.4 km and takes around 37 min via Mysore Road. Distance from RR Nagar to Hebbal is 23.4 km and takes around 44 min via Outer Ring Road. Distance from RT Nagar to Geddalahalli is 10.3 km and takes around 22 min via NH4/NH7. Distance from RT Nagar to Hebbal is 2.5 km and takes around 10 min via 3rd Main Road. Distance from RT Nagar to Nagarbhavi is 17.2 km and takes around 39 min via NH4 and Outer Ring Road. Distance from Rajarajeshwari Gate Bus Stop, Kenchenhalli, Nayanda Halli to Global Academy of Technology, Mysore Road, Ideal Homes Township, Bengaluru is 3.3 km and takes around 9 min via Mysore Road. Distance from RR Nagar to BEML Layout, Brookefield is 26.8 km and travel time is around 1 h 21 min via Mysore Rd and HAL Airport Road.