Route Map Driving Directions Mangalore to Shirdi

Driving directions Mangalore to Shirdi, Karnataka
Distance between Mangalore and Shirdi is 923 km. Travel Time is 16 hours 2 mins. Car Rental Fare, City Taxi Fare, Fuel Cost & Auto Fare. Mangalore and Shirdi KSRTC Rajahamsa, Rajahamsa Executive, Airavat, Airavat Club Class, Airavat Bliss, Airavat Superia Volvo, Suvarna Karnataka Sarige and Corona AC Sleeper Mangalore and Shirdi KSRTC Bus Timings, Timetable, Arrival, Departure, Tickets Reservation and Minimum Fare from Mangalore and Shirdi, Shortest Radial Distance, government bus services, Road Condition, how many hours journey, Cities Between, Restaurants, travel experience by Road, Mangalore and Shirdi Trip Tour Packages, Mangalore and Shirdi Train Timings Fare, Taxi Fare from Mangalore and Shirdi.

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  1. Head south on Bajpe Rd
  2. Pass by United Publishers Co. (on the left) 1.4 km
  3. Turn right at A R Computers & Communications 450 m
  4. Turn right 46 m
  5. Take the 1st left 270 m
  6. Turn right toward Edapally - Panvel Hwy 57 m
  7. Take the 1st left toward Edapally - Panvel Hwy 120 m
  8. Turn left toward Edapally - Panvel Hwy 350 m
  9. Turn left onto Edapally - Panvel Hwy 24 m
  10. Make a U-turn
  11. Pass by Hindustan Petroleum Petrol Station (on the left in 32.9 km) 218 km
  12. Turn right toward Hubli-Karwar Rd 21.8 km
  13. Turn right onto Hubli-Karwar Rd
  14. Pass by Central Health Primary Hospital (on the left in 16.2 km) 35.6 km
  15. Continue onto NH 63/SH 6
  16. Continue to follow NH 63
  17. Pass by police station,yellapur (on the left in 9.2 km) 14.8 km
  18. Turn left onto SH 93
  19. Pass by Kesarolli Petrol Bunk (on the left in 38.9 km) 43.0 km
  20. Slight left onto Haliyal-Dandeli Rd/Haliyal-Yallapur Rd 250 m
  21. At Vanashri Cir, continue onto Haliyal-Belgaum Rd
  22. Pass by Havagi Maruti Temple (on the left in 1.8 km) 1.8 km
  23. Continue onto SH 93
  24. Pass by Tegur Petrol Bunk (on the right in 9.4 km) 12.2 km
  25. Turn right onto SH 34 4.5 km
  26. Turn left toward NH Service Road 16.2 km
  27. Turn left onto NH Service Road
  28. Pass by Indian Oil Petrol Pump (on the left) 1.1 km
  29. Continue straight onto SH 56
  30. Pass by Bharat Petroleum Pump (on the left) 350 m
  31. Turn right toward AH 47/NH 4 19 m
  32. Turn left onto AH 47/NH 4
  33. Partial toll road
  34. Pass by Ashok Nagar Bus Stop (on the left in 43.4 km) 271 km
  35. Slight right onto Maharashtra State Highway 61
  36. Partial toll road
  37. Pass by HP (on the left in 24.7 km) 73.9 km
  38. Continue onto Morgaon-Supa Rd
  39. Pass by Gashtal Technology (on the left in 8.6 km) 9.3 km
  40. Continue onto Shirur-Satara Rd/Maharashtra State Highway 118/Maharashtra State Highway 62 13.3 km
  41. Turn right onto Mumbai Hwy/Pune-Solapur Hwy
  42. Pass by Shri Gopinath School (on the left in 3.1 km) 3.3 km
  43. Turn left to stay on Mumbai Hwy/Pune-Solapur Hwy
  44. Pass by Dhamale Enterprise (on the right in 3.1 km) 6.5 km
  45. Turn left onto Daund Patas Road
  46. Pass by Tanvi Petroleum (on the right in 11.5 km) 11.8 km
  47. Slight left onto Uddan Pool 700 m
  48. Continue onto MH SH 10
  49. Pass by M H Petroleum (on the right) 650 m
  50. Turn left to stay on MH SH 10
  51. Pass by Petrol Pump (on the right in 68.3 km) 72.5 km
  52. At the roundabout, take the 3rd exit to stay on MH SH 10
  53. Pass by Sonar Accident Hospital (on the left) 1.6 km
  54. Turn left onto Kalyan-Ahmednagar Hwy/Tilak Rd
  55. Pass by Central Bank (on the left in 300 m) 650 m
  56. Turn left onto Kalyan-Ahmednagar Hwy
  57. Pass by Ayurved College (on the right) 79 m
  58. Turn right to stay on Kalyan-Ahmednagar Hwy
  59. Pass by the playground (on the right in 500 m) 750 m
  60. Turn right at Dharmveer Sambhaji Maharaj Chowk onto MH SH 10 450 m
  61. Turn left at Sham N Tarde Dr to stay on MH SH 10
  62. Partial toll road
  63. Go through 1 roundabout
  64. Pass by shubham medical (on the right) 83.0 km
  65. Turn right toward Saipatham Rd 450 m
  66. Turn right toward Saipatham Rd 9 m
  67. Turn left toward Saipatham Rd 120 m
  68. Turn right onto Saipatham Rd 280 m
  69. Shirdi, Maharashtra