Route Map Driving Directions Bangalore to Thusharigiri

Distance from Bengaluru, Karnataka to Thusharagiri Waterfalls, Kerala is 327.1 km and travelling takes around 6 h 24 min via NH275 and NH766. Lying in the Western Ghats of Kozhikode district in Kerala, Thusharagiri Fall cascades down as three waterfalls. Widely known as the 'trekker's paradise', the Thusharagiri Waterfall is situated about 50 km from Kozhikode. Thusharagiri, which means 'the mist capped mountain', gets its name due to the water droplets from the waterfalls which surround the mountain like a misty blanket. It is especially known for its exhilarating 8 kilometers trek.

Surrounding the magical waterfalls are the evergreen forests and soothing streams adding to the pristine beauty. The trek of around 2-3 hours will begin around 7am and lead you to explore the rubber, areca nut and spice plantations. Tourist cottages, comfort stations, parking space and a cafeteria are facilities that have opened up recently.