Karnataka: A Place That Inspires You To Feel Strong And Hopeful

Posted by: Rose Marlo, Manchester
29 September, 2014

Traveling around the world’s different countries give us knowledge and inspire us with their culture and ancestors stories. Their culture and trilling stories of their success and passion also give as inspiration. The count of the places is huge. Because every place has their interesting stories and culture. One of which is Karnataka, a state in southern India whereas one can feel strong and hopeful. Its humble culture and art inspires a lot. Its historical stories tell the contribution of their ancestors to make it a heritage state of India. If next time you’re planning to visit India you should vacation in Karnataka famous places. You can get easily Indian visa to travel India. And definitely find a lot of places to visit with their interesting, loving and courage stories with less cost. One of which is Karnataka.

1. Famous Hindustani and Carnatic Music
For a long time music is good source of entertainment. But with time its hidden benefits also dig off as good for health, for good mood and many more. There are varieties of music like classic, pop etc. But if you get opportunity to visit Karnataka you must watch its Hindustani and Carnatic music with dance. This music fills a person with miracle thrill and you think you are near to the goodness of God.

Carnatic Music: This music main emphasis is on is vocal music. This is sung by a small number of musicians with main performer. The main performance of Carnatic music is found in Chennai, main city of Karnataka state.

Hindustan Music: Karnataka prominent Hindustani music wins many awards. Yakshagana, Fusion of folk and classic tradition, give an unforgettable memory with its colorful costumes, music, dance and dialogs.

2. Places to Visit in Karnataka
There are number of tourism destination in Karnataka to visit. These places are well decorated with beauty of nature, which give a sense of great relief and peace from our day to day busy life. You can see the beauty of nature at its peak.

Badmi cave temples: Badmi cave temples are famous traveling destination in Karnataka with its mind blowing history and architecture. This was the kingdom of Chalukyas build during 10-11 century AD. Its mind blowing rock carving reflected the fabulous art of that time. This place is near the lake and tells the story of chalukyas kingdom.

Mysore Maharajah's Place (Amba Vilas): This is the beautiful historic place of Karnataka, situated in Bangalore. Place architecture and space use is superb. It reflects the royal life style of that time.

Mantanga Hill: If you like to see sunrise then you should definitely choose thus destination. The scene of sunrise from hill is stunning. The beauty of nature, calmness and sights from hill give an extraordinary experience.

Karwar: - This is the best tourism attraction of Karnataka, situated on the west coast of southern India. Its landscape looks beautiful with Kali River. Here in devbagh boating house you can enjoy boating, sun rise and sunset seen here. Its natural beauty reflects the beauty and power of simplicity. Instead of these places there are lot of places to visit in Karnataka state that reflects their historic and artistic memories of past. And it inspired us with the life style and cultural values of that time peoples. You can hire an agent to have convenient in your trip. Moreover the government of Karnataka introduces the Golden Chariot train for tourist in the state.

3. Food
The cousin of south India is famous internationally. Its snacks and meals is a good bunch of taste and health. You can enjoy lot of items with less calories but rich in taste.

Dosa: It’s a type of pan cake and easy to made same time good for health. The main ingredient that is used to make dosa is Rice and white split batter.

Idli: This is like a non-baked cake. The main ingredient that is used to make is same as in dosa. Only difference is in batter consistency and in cooking style.

Coconut Rice: South people generally add coconut in their all dishes that make these different from others. Coconut rice is very famous in Karnataka. It is healthy one meal.

You journey in the Karnataka is not finished here. You will find lot of things to learn how people live simple life with happiness and many other things to visit that will give you a positive view of life. If you want to enjoy all these experiences you need to fulfill some required legal formalities as a foreigner. The first very need is Indian Visa. You can take the services of experienced agents to fulfill required formalities, Have a nice journey to Karnataka.