Temple of Success

Temple of Success, is not an institution, it's a social movement with a commitment.

The slogan of this institution, located on Bull Temple Road in Chamarajpet, is "Heal the Ill without the Pill or the Bill". And the healer here is Raghunath Guruji, who simply says that he is being directed to treat people's ills by the seven saints who are his "gurus". "All the treatments in the Temple of Success are invoked in the names of the seven saints. We heal through divine therapy which includes meditation and water therapy, and through energy or cosmos."

People with all kinds of ailments ranging from a scratch to hypertension, diabetes, and even AIDS come to the temple to lessen their pains. They claim that they not only gain freedom from physical but also mental pain.

As many as 3, 000 people visit the temple everyday to seek solace and mass healings are conducted by Raghunath who claims to do around 100 "psychic operations" every day.

Temple of Success
No.127/8, Harini Nilaya Bull Temple Rd,
Bangalore 560018, Karnataka
Phone Number: 91 8022426789

Temple of Success
F/3, 1st Floor, Bosco Building,
Gandhi Bazaar Circle, Basavanagudi,
Bangalore - 560004