Tuljapur is a town with a municipal council in Osmanabad district in Maharashtra & administrative seat of Tuljapur taluka.

Tuljapur is the location of the annual Tulja Bhavani fair during Navaratri (September-October). The town is home to the Tulja Bhavani Temple.

The well-known temple, Tulja Bhavani Temple, is dedicated to the Hindu goddess Bhavani. The town has received much notice during past centuries, since the temple has always enjoyed a special association with the Bhonsale clan to which Chhatrapati Shivaji belonged. Goddess Bhavani was the family deity of the Bhonsale clan. As the Goddess Bhavani is the deity of many people from Maharashtra, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, they come walking in during the Dasera Festival to worship the Goddess Bhavani. On every year after Navaratri on kojagiri pournimas occasion many deity covers distance of 45 km from Solapur by walking.

The temple-town of Pandharapura, the Dharashiv caves, and the fort of Naldurg all lie within easy reach.