Uthukuli is a taluk in Tirupur district in Tamil Nadu.

As of 2001 India census Uthukuli had a population of 7929. Males constitute 51% of the population and females 49%. Uthukuli has an average literacy rate of 68%, higher than the national average of 59.5%: male literacy is 76%, and female literacy is 58%. In Uthukuli, 10% of the population is under 6 years of age.

In the earlier days, agriculture was the primary activity with hygienic and sweet water available from the multitude of tanks also called " Kuttai" and " "Kulam". There were green pastures and one could see herds of goats, sheep and buffaloes grazing. This aided development of agro based industries like butter making and Uthukuli was known for its famed Butter. There were also many Rice and Paddy Hulling mills facilitating agro based trade. However the rapid expansion of textile industries in Tiruppur led to installation of many dyeing units and soon, polluted effluents from the Textile city of Tiruppur converted the once fertile Noyyal river into a virtual drain. The polluted river and vanishing tanks had dealt a big, still unrecoverable blow to agriculture, dairy farming and Rice mills / Paddy Hulling in these areas. Consequently the young and old of this land are now forced to seek employment opportunities outside this once scenic spot. Apart from water pollution, scarcity of water and steep rise in labor costs in an unorganized labor sector has resulted in agriculture taking a back seat and the traditional hereditary farms called "Thottams" are fast vanishing.

With the rapid expansion of nearby towns such as Tiruppur in the west, establishment of Industrial parks such as SIPCOT, TAHDCO, " New Tiruppur" al within a short distance and overall growth in trade and commerce, this area is now transforming itself into a service support hub. Agricultural lands are now giving way to accommodate handlooms, spinning mills, stone quarries, mining and poultry farms around this place.

Connectivity: Utthukuli is well connected by Road with frequent bus services to Erode and Tiruppur. A vital rail link of the Indian Railways runs through Utthukuli making it accessible to other parts of the country.

Temples:- Kaithamalai Hill Station is famous for its Sri Kaithamalai Vetriveluatha Swami Murugan Desvasthanam Temple.

The unique feature of Kaithamalai is that the temple car is in the hill and devotees pull the temple car in the slopes. In no other place in the world a temple car is pulled in the hill. The "Ther" festival held in "Thai" maasam is very popular.

Then the God is called as "Vetri Velayudha Swami" and the Temple is called "Kaithamalai." With Vetrivelayutha Swamy's Arul and blessings, Mr. Muthusamy Gounder, a farmer has been performing Pooja's and Arul vaakku in KALASAMURUGAN Temple at KANNAAN KAADU, Northern foothills of Kaithamalai for many years.

Lord Murugan has incarnated in the temple many years before when one of the KALASAM of the CAR (Thiru Ther) of Kaithamalai murugan temple rolled down to the Northern side of the hill and settled at our thottam during its CAR FESTIVAL once. Hence the name, KALASAMURUGAN.

People of Uthukuli town and Tirupur used to come and visit this temple near Northern Adivaaram of Kaithamalai and get blessings from Mr. MUTHUSAMY GOUNDER. In the year 2009 Kumbaabishekam has been conducted to newly built-temple and lots of people attended and got blessings of LORD KALASAMURUGAN. Mr. Mutthusamy Gounder identified that the Lord Murugan has incarnated in that spot where the KALASAM settled. From that day, he has been doing regular poojas to the LORD KALASAMURUGAN by temporarily building a temple. With his Arul vaakku, people satisfied that all their worries vanishing. The place is in Uttukuli situated in Tirupur District, Tamil Nadu.