Vaderahalli Crocodile Lake

Vaderahalli Crocodile lake is two km off on Kanakapura Road. It takes less than half an hour to reach here if the traffic does not jam.

As you drive along towards Kanakapura, exactly after the 19th km stone, you will see a narrow mud road to the left with an indication marked Vaderahalli. Continue along this road for about two kms to reach the village and enquire for the path to the lake. The last stretch is rugged, steep and narrow with a fenced teak forest by the side.

The lake hidden away in a depression suddenly comes into view. Set in idyllic surroundings of grassy slopes, green trees and stony hillocks, the blue waters of the lake are a pleasant sight to behold. In spite of being close to the village and the main road, silence pervades everywhere.

This is a place with no particular activity. The only way to relax is to lose yourself to nature. Or you can take a stroll on the short bund for a view of the coconut groves and ponds down below on the other side. The range of Ragihalli hills line the sky in a hazy blue. To the eastern side of the lake is a cluster of trees and shrubs and deserves a walk too. If you crave for some adventure there are a few hillocks around to climb. There are enough places with shade to relax by the lake, have your lunch and may be a nap too! But do resist the temptation of taking a swim or a bath here as the lake has some crocodiles and there is a clear warning about this.

One can stay here from a couple of hours to a full day. If you are a bird enthusiast you can surely make a long list of the avifauna you might spot. According to locals, the lake is as deep as 100 feet in the middle and has never dried up for many years. The water is used mainly for irrigation. As you leave the place, visit the small temple of Ganesha close to the lake and once you reach the main road, within a stone's throw to the south is the famous Shanimahatma temple.

All food and water have to be carried and only day visiting is appropriate. The surroundings of the lake are clean as not many visitors come here. To keep it so, it would do well to carry back all the wastes and plastics when leaving.

Other lakes near by are

  1. Harohalli Lake
  2. Thattekere Lake (Kanive Mahadeshwara Lake)

Thattekere Lake

Thattekere is a village in Kanakapura taluk in Ramanagara district, 40km away from Bangalore. It has a population of 1293 in 2011. The village derives its name from a lake there which is a picnic spot, "thatte" means plate and "kere" means lake in native Kannada language.

A Mahadeshwara temple is there in the village on west side of the Thattekere lake, situated in elephant corridor of Bannerghatta National Park and it is a birdwatching place. Another tourist attraction Muthyalamaduvu is nearby.