Varadapura Varadahalli

Varadapura Varadahalli is a small village in Karnataka located in the taluk of Sagara, Karnataka. It is notable for the hill shrine of Shri Sridhara Swami Ashram. This Shrine is 6 km from Centre of Sagara, 72 km from Shimoga, 352 km from Bangalore and 800 km from Mumbai.

Shri Sridhara Swami Ashram
Shri Sridhara Swami Ashram, located in the village of Varadahalli under Shimoga district of Karnataka, is a renowned hill shrine. It was established in the year 1954 by a saint named Shridhara Swami from Sajjanghad of Maharashtra. He established the ashram to carry on his spiritual meditation. As people came to know about his spiritual and religious devotion, many from the state of Karnataka and Maharashtra started believing his principles and ideologies. People started to become his devotees. By the time the Swami left his mortal body for his heavenly journey in 1973, he had formed many followers. His devotees and followers constructed his Samadhi inside the ashram. Even today devotees visit the ashram to seek the blessings of the pious man.

Shri Sridhara Swami believed in spiritual upliftment and preached it to everyone. He worked whole heartedly for the resurgence of Hinduism from the clutches of caste, orthodox beliefs and rituals and sectarianism. The Swami travelled through the length and breadth of the country and preached his principles based on the core ideologies of Sanatan Vedic Hindu Dharma. Later, after he founded the ashram at Varadahalli near Sagara, he erected the Dharma Dhwaja there.

Even today this Dharma Dhwaja serves as a spiritual inspiration to his devotees and followers. It reminds them to continue with their endeavors to revive the Sanatan Vedic Hindu Dharma. Today the ashram has a school that offers knowledge about the Vedas, the Upanishads and the Sanskrit language. Devotees come from far and near to seek spiritual knowledge at this place.