Abbey Falls

Abbey Falls which is also Abbi Falls (Mookana Mane falls) is in Kodagu, in the Western Ghats in Karnataka. Abbey Falls is located 10 km from the Madikeri town and 270 km from Bangalore. Distance from Hassan to Abbi Falls, Madikeri is 107.7 km and travel time is around 2 h 38 min via SH 91.

Though called as Jessi waterfalls by the British in the memory of the daughter of Madikeri's first captain, it got its present name from the word "Abbe" or "Abbi", which in Coorgie means waterfalls.

In the mountains of the Western Ghats, several streams combine, swelling with the monsoon rains and plunging down the mountain slope at enormous speed, hitting the huge boulders hard and forcing through the crevices and ravines. A misty cloud hangs over the falls. From here the water flows into the Kaveri River.

The waterfall is located between private coffee plantations with stocky coffee bushes and spice estates with trees entwined with pepper vines. The falls appear suddenly, the water cascading over rocks into calm pools. The roaring sounds of the falls are so much that they can be heard from a distance. The water flow is very high during the monsoon season which is also the best time to see the Abbey Falls. There is a hanging bridge opposite to the falls that provides a better view to the tourists. A Kali Mata temple on the other side of the bridge is also not to be missed.

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Abbey Falls
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During the monsoon season the water flow is very high and during the dry seasons the flow is considerably diminished.

How To Reach Abbey Falls

From Madikeri the falls are accessible by a narrow road to the coffee estate. A path through coffee and cardamom plantations leads to the waterfalls. The roar of the falls can be heard from the road. The best time to visit is early winter when the monsoons have brought plenty of water.

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Abbey Falls
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Distance from Abbey Falls to madikeri is 6.0 km and takes around 15 min.

This largest Elephant Capturing and training Camp of the Forest Department at the edge of the Dubare Forest, on the bank of the River Kaveri is a place to see. The Elephants with the help of the Tribe Kurbas are captured and kept in wooden cages for six months. Once the elephants are trained, they are used to attend to odd jobs like lifting heavy logs. In the evening they are treated with a special treat of Ladoos made of Ragi and Jaggery � size of Cannon Balls ! Some of the tourists are given ride in the evenings.

Irrupu Falls
South of Brahamgiri Range of Hills, river Lakshmana Tirtha Flows. This river made by the Laxmanas Bow falls into a Cataract known as Irruppu Falls. This place is supposed to cleanse the sins of any one who prays wishfully. Near the Irruppu Falls is a temple dedicated to Lord Rama who passed this place while looking for his beloved wife Sita along with younger brother Laxman. So, Irruppu falls is both a beautiful place and a religious place.