Adventure Tourism in Karnataka

Take an extreme sports trip of a lifetime! Get your heart pumping with Parasailing, Paragliding, Trekking, Sky Diving, River Rafting, Bungee Jumping and adventure sports too extreme to miss. Decide the Adventure sports in various location sspread across Karnataka and let your adventurous desires come true. Parachute Gliding, Hang Gliding, Skydiving, static jump, Tandem Jump in bangalore with cost.

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Parasailing is one of the aero sport activities, which can be enjoyed almost by any one who is seeking some thrill in a controlled environment. The enthusiast is strapped on to a harness and an ascending type round parachute. A long rope is hooked on to the harness and the other end is tied to a jeep. As the jeep moves ahead, the harnessed enthusiast gets towed forward. This forward motion inflates and brings up the canopy and the person is airborne. As the jeep keeps accelerating the person keeps gaining height.
Location: Hoskote, 22 Kms from M.G. Road, Bangalore

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Paragliding in Karnataka is truly a great thrilling experience. Hang-gliding is a truly Zen experience. Paragliding uses 'thermals' as the driving force, and is the closest one can get, to being a bird. In perfect weather conditions you can stay aloft for over three hours and can soar to heights more than 3000 meters. To experience the exhilaration and euphoria of Parajumping, head for Nandi Hills. The beautiful airstrip, set in 1 sq. kms. of tall wild-grass close to Bangalore's Hebbal Lake is the focus of aerosports like Parasailing and Microlight flying.

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Trekking in Karnataka

Karnataka's trekking trails are mostly located in the Western Ghats - North and South Canara, Shimoga, Chikmagalur, Hassan and Coorg or Kodagu. Walk down the untrodden paths to have a date with the nature. Here is a great opportunity to discover nature's intoxicating beauty. Experience a whole world of excitement called Trekking. So, slip into your sneakers and get ready for some non-stop excitement. The hills are all waiting patiently, to be conquered.

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Kuduremukha:Kudremukha is the most beautiful and the second highest peak in the Western Ghats and in Karnataka as well. Standing proudly amidst thick forests, Kudremukha is a trekker's paradise. The Kudremukh or Horse Face Range gets its name from the unique shape of its peak. The broad hills 95 km southwest of Chikmagalur town overlook the Arabian Sea, and are chained to one another with deep valleys and steep precipices. Kudramukha peak is inside the Kudremukha National Park. So, no one is allowed to camp inside the National Park and will have to follow the guidelines of the authorities. Samse is a few kilometers from Kudremukh town, from where the trek starts. In about 4-5 hrs average walking time, one reaches lobo mane, an old house. From lobo mane, another path goes up to the summit, which would take 3-4 hours to reach. The route passes through some lovely shoal (montane) forests near the top. About 1/2 an hour below the summit, the route passes near an abandoned church and a small waterfall. One should take the time to explore the church and also to watch out for the amazing birdlife there.

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Another route is to start from Kaikamba. Kaikamba is a place between beltangadi and navoor. This route converges with the other at Lobo house 1700 mts from sea level, presumably built by Tipu Sultan near Navoor. Another place of interest nearby is Jamalabad fort or Jamalghad kote.
Location : Chikamagalur district, Karnataka From Bangalore: 300+ kms

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Kodachari trekking : Kodachari peak is situated in Shimoga district. The peak presents a not to be missed lifetime opportunity in the evening as the sun sets in the west. You can also have a golden glimpse of the Arabian Sea for a moment. The altitude of 1343 m above sea level can be reached by a five-hour trek. At the peak it is believed that 'Shankaracharya' did meditation. And to substantiate the same you will find a 'Sarvajna Peetha' at the top. En route to the peak you will also find a moderate sized waterfall deep inside the evergreen forest of Kodachadri, which is called 'Agastya Teertha'. The famous temple town of Kollur is 12 km away. The Kodachari hills are a part of one of the largest forest areas in Karnataka and part of this region forms the Mookambika Nature Reserve. Kollur is an ideal base from which to explore the hills. The Mookambika Nature Camp is 4 km south of Kollur. The best time to visit Kodachari is October to March.

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To reach Kodachari one may catch a bus from Bangalore to Kollur (South Kanara Dist.) From Kollur one has to travel for around 45 minutes towards Nagara in Shimoga district. Reaching there, you'll find a mud road where you can find a sign indicating the way towards Kodachaadri. On the way you will find a small tea shop (Kaka Angadi) after one hour walk. There you will also find a small stream nearby for the early morning business. From here it is roughly 5 hours of trek to the peak. Just half-an-hour before the peak you will find a temple, which is an ideal place for camping. There is also a travellers bungalow nearby. From the temple a slight deviation would lead to 'Agastya Teertha'. The route will take you inside dense forest it is advisable to take help from locals and not to venture at night.
Location : Hosa Nagar Taluq, Shimoga district, West Karnataka.

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Agumbe (Narasimha Parvata) Agumbe Trekking : Narasimha Parvata is inside the Kudremukha National park. You can reach there after an overnight bus journey to Sringeri from Bangalore. Reaching Sringeri, you will have to travel for half an hour in a local bus to go to a place called Kigga. From Kigga there are two ways - .towards Sirimane waterfalls and towards Narasimha Parvata (the peak). It will take you 4-5 hrs from Kigga to the peak. After Kigga, the water point is just before the summit of the peak.

Agumbe peak is situated at an altitude of 826 m in Shimoga district. Standing from there you can enjoy spectacular sunsets, sparkling streams, verdant village vistas and an unspoilt rustic ambience. From the peak if you see in the north west direction you will find a tower of certain relay station of Aagumbe, your destination. If you see to a little right to that you will find a bald patch of significant area between the forest, this place is the paddy fields of the Mallandoor village. There is a big valley between Narasimha Parvata and Mallandoor. The best time to visit Agumbe is winter to early summer.
Location : Narasimha Parvata, Aagumbe, Shimoga district, North West Karnataka

Kumara Parvata: Kumara Parvata is one of the most beautiful peaks in the whole of Western Ghats. The trail to Kumara Parvata can either start from "Bidalli" from "Somawar pet" (Coorg) side or from "Subramanya" (South Kanara) side. From Subramanya you get a place called Girigadde, on the way to the peak. Moving on, you get an old structure well known as Mantapa and from there, the top is 3 hours trek. From Somwar Pet, reach Bidalli en route to the peak. On the way, you get a moderate waterfall also. From Bidalli you get buses to go to Somwar Pet in Coorg. This trek is one of the beautiful and one of the difficult treks in Karnataka. The best time to go for this trek is early winter.
Location : South Kanara district, West Karnataka

Tadiyandamol hill: Tadiyendamol the tallest peak in Kodagu, is another trekker's paradise. From the peak you can view the distant Arabian Sea and the spellbinding beauty of Kodagu all around.The best time to visit Tadiyendamol is early winter. "Highest Point" as called in Kodava language, this peak is the highest one in the Madikeri district. It is situated near Vir Raj Pet, about a 30kms away, on the way to Napoklu, Bhagamandala. This peak is just adjacent to the Makutta forest. On the way, you also get an old palace called 'Nalku Naadu Aramane'. To reach Tadiyendamol peak, you have to get down at the Aramane stop which is before a place called Kakkabbe (from Virajpet). From that place the peak is around 6 kms away. There is a road which will take you to the top if the peak. There is a stream at the foothill of the peak, which is good for camping. There is a path just adjacent to the path which takes you to the peak.
Location : Narasimha Parvata, Aagumbe, Shimoga district, North West Karnataka

Water Sports

Water sports is something that gives a water sports lover an opportunity to make a rapid splash at the watery depths of Karnataka. When it comes to water sports, Karnataka beach resorts and sports clubs are full of it. If it's the thrills of scuba diving, coracling, surfing, canoeing, kayaking or windsurfing you are looking for, check out the places below. Many tourist agencies and state departments conduct courses in water sports.

Honnemaradu water sport: The major Water Sport sites in Karnataka are well equipped with excellent quality surf boards, Kayaks, canoes and other facilities. These places also offer expert training for those who are new to these sports.

Other popular destinations for Water Sport enthusiasts, where they can enjoy some great Water Sport activities are:

Honnemaradu : About 25 Kms from Sagar town (on the way to Jog falls), Karnataka. Honnemaradu is situated on the backwaters of Sharavathi river. The place maintained by Adventurers, Bangalore. You can enjoy Kayaking, wind water surfing and all other water sports. One can easily catch hold of accomodation, food and water sport equipments.

Devbagh is a good place for scuba diving, near Karwar beach, Uttara Kannda.

Gokarna is a place full of cliffs and rocky mountains), near Karwar (60 kms), Uttara Karnataka.

Karwar Beach is famous for tranquil ambience and golden sand, Uttara Karnataka (10 kms from South Goa border).

Marawanthe is famous for water sports, located Udupi District (100 kms from Mangalore), Karnataka.

Sporting Resorts & Golf Clubs In & Near Bangalore

Skydive Packages

Skydive Aamby Valley is a convenient 2 hour drive from Mumbai / Pune. This is the first place to offer skydive packages year-round in India. Making a tandem jump is the best way to experience the incredible rush of skydiving while under the supervision of an experienced Instructor. Welcome to the skies over Aamby Valley, the skydiving operation has selected the very best team of skydivers from around the world. The equipment and jumpship is second to none. Jumping over Aamby Valley is widely recognized as one of the most epic jumps you will ever be able to experience. This is skydiving at it's best.

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