Anthargange is a hill range situated near Bangalore. The rocky hills are a haven for trekkers and adventurous travelers. The range is situated in the district of Kolar in Karnataka and is approximately 70 kms from Bangalore. Volcanic rock formations and its numerous cave systems are the main tourist attractions of the Anthargange range. Numerous caves and rocky outcrops will keep any traveler busy with exploration. There are also a few temples and religious sites for the spiritually inclined.

Since the hill range is situated only 70 kms from Bangalore, day trips is the best option. The excellent road network to Kolar and the scenic drive make it worth the visit. For the more daring traveler, activities such as rappelling, high rope traversing, caving and trekking are available.

Anthargange has many natural springs and the weather is generally very pleasant. For the seasoned traveler, a night time camping experience might be an option. However fires cannot be lit as it is wooded area. Overall Anthargange is an excellent place for a day trip; however the traveler has to be prepared for an exhausting trek, which is sure to be an exhilarating experience despite the physical effort.

Kashi Vishweshwara Temple
Kashi Vishweshwara Temple is also one of the main attractions of Antargange. The name 'Antaragange' means "Ganges from deep" in Kannada language. There is Basava (bull) made out of stone, water streaming out from the mouth of a stone bull Nobody knows the source of water or the place from where it originates. Water is seen streaming out throughout the year. It is been said that the source of this stream is from the holy river Gangaa. There is small Kalyani (pond) near the temple. The main deity of the temple is Kashi Vishveshawra(Lord Shiva). The temple is made out of rock. There main Shiva Lingam in the temple. Along with the Main Lingam, there are around 4 to 5 Lingam in the side of the main mantapa.

Trekking & Rappelling
Other interesting activities indulged by visitors to Anthargange include trekking, rappelling and high rope traversing. The pleasant weather offered within these rocky hills present an exciting day trip option if you are in Bangalore. Moreover the excellent road network to Kolar allows a scenic drive almost all the way.

There are a lot of trees such as Nilagiri, Akeshiya, Amla. There are various spicies of cactus are available in this region. As you go to the top, you will find a nice view of Kolara city. There are volcanic rocks of various size. Some rocks are laid in such passion that it appear like natural caves.

Antergange is overpopulated by monkeys. They are wild monkeys. They literally grab anything from the visitors. It is very dangerous to leave our belongings from our hand. Some monkeys are so clever that they grab the things from our hands. One should be very careful while transacting with the monkeys.

Anthargange Caves
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Top 10 Facts about Anthargange

Here are Top 10 facts about Anthargange

  1. Anthargange is located about 70 km away from the city of Bangalore and is a popular weekend getaway destination for adventure enthusiasts.
  2. The mountain range is known for its unique geological formations, which were formed due to volcanic activity in the region. The area is also rich in mineral deposits, including granite, limestone, and quartz.
  3. The mountain range is known for its caves and underground passages, which are popular among adventure seekers. The caves are formed by the eroding action of wind and water over millions of years.
  4. The area is also known for its scenic beauty and offers breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. The nearby Kolar Gold Fields and Nandi Hills are popular tourist attractions and are known for their natural beauty and historical significance.
  5. Anthargange is also a popular destination for trekking and rock climbing. The area is home to several trekking trails of varying difficulty levels, which offer a thrilling experience for adventure enthusiasts.
  6. The nearby Kolar district is known for its traditional handicrafts, including silk sarees and gold jewelry. The town of Kolar is also famous for its traditional sweet dish, called the Kolar Kesari.
  7. The mountain range is a popular destination for night treks and camping, and the area is known for its clear night skies, which offer a perfect view of the stars and constellations.
  8. The best time to visit Anthargange is between the months of October and March when the weather is pleasant and ideal for outdoor activities.
  9. The mountain range is a must-visit destination for anyone looking for adventure and is a great place to experience the natural beauty and geological wonders of the region.
  10. The area is well-connected to other parts of Karnataka by road and rail, and is a popular destination for day trips and weekend getaways from nearby cities like Bangalore and Kolar.