Basavana Bagewadi

Basavana Bagewadi is an important center of pilgrimage for people of the Lingayat faith, located in Bijapur district of Karnataka. The ancient town of Basavana Bagewadi is 43 kms away from Bijapur. This is the birth place of Basavanna, the founder of the Lingayat and is therefore an important center of pilgrimage for Lingayats. Basavana Bagewadi in Bijapur is dotted with temples. The temples are rich in architecture and are exquisitely carved. This place is flocked by devotees throughout the year. They visit many temples here and appreciate the scenic beauty that the place offers.

Distance from Hyderabad to Basavana Bagewadi is 397 Km. Distance from Bijapur to Basavana Bagevadi is 43 Km.

Basavana Bagewadi town is a historic place where Shri Lord of Basavna (Basaveshwar) or (Basavanna) was born, the birthplace call as "Basava Smarak" now comes under Kudal Sangam Authority department Basavana Bagewadi. The Basaveshwar Temple is constructed in 11th century of Chalukya's rule.

The Basaveshwar Temple was constructed in the 11th century during the rule of the Chalukya dynasty. Shri Lord Basaveshwar is famous for his religion 'Veerashiva Lingayat Dharma' and became 'Lord of World' as he is very good in this new religion and informed people to make kayaka (work) ie. kayakave kailasa (work is worship). Basaveshwar was Founder of Lingayat religion and became famous in Karnataka later spreading all over the world. His vachanas become famous and very usefull for humans life & lifestyle.

Lord Basava Basavanna Quotes Vachana

"Never lose heart while pursuing the path of trust. Live a principled life."

"Have faith in creator of this universe believe that he is omnipresent and Supreme power."

„Live morally, do not aspire for other's Wealth, Women and God."

"Work with a feeling that, there is none lower than me; There is none greater than society of Sharanas."

"Listen, O lord of the meeting rivers, things standing shall fall, but the moving ever shall stay."

"Earn wealth through honest and truthful work."

"Make your body the temple of God.“

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