Beaches / Coastal Region in Karnataka

Beaches in coastal Karnataka are a greatest attraction for tourists from across the globe. Coastal Karnataka is bounded by Konkan to the north, the Western Ghats to the east, the Kerala Plains to the south and the Arabian Sea to the west.

Malpe Beach
St. Mary's Island

Bhatkal Beach
Bhatkal Beach is located 126 km from Karwar and 348 km from Bangalore. With its pristine waters and majestic hills, this beach is a popular haunt for beach lovers and is particularly famous for its exquisite temples. Best time to visit Bhatkal beach is from August to March.

Gokarna, a location that is famous for having some of the best beaches in the state. Gokarna has many famous beaches, Om beach, one of Gokarna's most famous, is said to be in the shape of the Hindu spiritual symbol of the 'Om,'. The other famous beaches of the area are are Kudle, Half Moon and Paradise beach. These beaches are very close to one another, moslty separated by jagged rock faces. One can visit Gokarna any time of the year and be gifted with sunshine and warm water. Gokarna is 475 km from Bangalore.

Kaup Beach
Kaup has a lovely beach, a ruined fort and an old 100 ft high lighthouse. Kaup Beach is one of the famous beaches of Karnataka where tourists enjoy the beauty of the environment, the long stretches of golden beaches and the cool sea breeze.

Karwar is situated just 100 km from Goa and 425 km from Bangalore. It is "a perfect holiday with gentle waves, palm-laced beaches, silver sand, and calm, peaceful alleys" - The main attractions of the area, apart from the beach, include the Sadashivgad Hill fort with a Durga temple, the unique Octagonal Church and the 300 year old Venkataramana Temple.

Kudle Beach
Kudle Beach is one of the five beaches located south of the Gokarna town in the Uttara Kannada district of the Karnataka state. Kudle Beach is just twenty-minute walk from Gokarna.

Kurumgad is a tortoise shaped island which is situated at a distance of 525 km from Bangalore. The beach is famous for the hilltop Narasimha Temple. This hill top also provides for a great vantage point from which you can enjoy viewing the never ending sea and the sand. The beach is also popular with adventure seekers who throng here in large number's to indulge in adventure sports such as trekking, fishing, dolphin and seal-spotting, diving, snorkeling and star-gazing.

Malpe Beach
About 6 km from Udupi and 386 km from Bangalore is Malpe, an area famous for its untouched and unspoilt beach. "The seemingly infinite stretches of golden sand, pleasantly swaying palm trees, the clear blue sky and the ripple of the sea all make it an ideal location for an unforgettable holiday" - The best time to visit is between October and January.

Marawanthe Beach
Marawanthe beach offers a spectacular view when the sun sets. Marawanthe Beach is also popular for its water sports. Marawanthe beach is one of the must visit tourist spots of Karnataka.

Murudeshwar Beach
Located at a distance of about 364 km from Bangalore, Murudeshwar beach is another one of Karnataka's famous beach's. Like Bhatkal it too is popular for it's beautiful blue waters with the majestic mountains in the background. The other attractions in the area are the Murdeshwar temple, the Kanduka Giri and the fort of Tipu Sultan. Murudeshwar is a great location for year round beach based fun.

Panambur Beach
Panambur beach is located at a distance of 13 Km from Mangalore on the north of the National Highway. Panambur is the name of place where New Mangalore Port is situated. There is a beautiful beach on the shore of Arabian Sea at Tannirbavi to south of sea port at Panambur.

Someshwar Beach
Someshwar Beach is located at a distance of 9 Km to the south of Mangalore and 0.5 km from Someshwar Bus Stand. Someshwar beach is well known for the large rocks called "Rudra Shile".

St Mary's Island
The St Mary's Island is another amazing holiday destination. St Mary's Island is located just a boat cruise ride's distance from Malpe.

Surathkal Beach
Surathkal is on the shore of the Arabian Sea and boasts of having beautiful beaches offering a perfect holiday destination for tourists. There is a beach in front of the Sadashiva Temple; picturesque beach is known for its clean surrounding, and its light house located on a huge black rock.

Tannirbavi Beach
Tannirbavi beach is one of the best beaches of Dakshina Kannada. One can enjoy the sunset view here. It is located at a distance of 12 Km from Mangalore. Tannirbavi Beach is the property of Mangalore port trust.

Ullal Beach
Ullal beach is popular and best beach offering a perfect holiday destination for those looking for a tranquil holiday. Tourists spend weekends enjoy a day in the beauty of Ullal beach. The Ullal beach is best spot for swimming and sun bath.

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