Benne Hole Falls

Benne Hole falls is among one of the beautiful waterfalls in Uttara Karnataka. In Kannada, 'benne' means butter and 'hole' means big stream. The name of the falls indicates lot about its beauty. It is a big stream which flows with all force and looks as white as butter.

A tributary of the river "Aghanashini" by name 'beNNe hoLe' flowing through the dense forests of the Devimane Ghats region of the Western Ghats falling from a height of about 200 feet forms a spectacular visual treat.

How to Reach Benne Hole Falls

On the way to Kumta from Sirsi after 21kms you get a small places called "Kasage". From here the waterfall is around 6kms away. Take the path which goes towards "Hosur" and up to Hosur it is a jeep track till the last house in Hosur. From here it is 2 kms walk to the waterfall.

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