BMTC Bus Live Tracking Bengaluru

MyBMTC app can now be used to track BMTC Bus real time. In a month the app was downloaded by more than 65,000 people on Android.

The MyBMTC app is now linked to Google Maps to give traffic-based information on when the bus will reach its destination. The app also uses real-time location data from the buses, which are already fitted with GPS devices. The Vehicle Traffic Management System (VTMS) sends each bus’s location to a centralised BMTC server.

The app has the following main features:

  • Locate buses on route – Helps commuters track any bus
  • Trip planner – Helps new commuters get an idea of the best routes and buses by entering the source and destination locations. The app provides a list with bus numbers and their estimated time of arrival (ETA).
  • Buses to the airport
  • Locate buses near stops

In addition to the app, the ITS includes the following aspects:
  • All the buses have been provided with electronic ticketing machines (ETM), smart cards, and GPS tracking system. ETMs are used for issuing electronic tickets and also for tracking the distance covered by a bus, number of passengers using the service, busy routes, etc.
  • The system tracks information like which buses have skipped stops, taken deviations, are delayed, have over sped, etc. This information is available in the ITC control room at BMTC Head office in Shanthi Nagar and in all 40 BMTC depots across Bengaluru.
  • The Vehicle Tracking System (VTM )monitors the movement of buses and transmits the information to the ITS control room

Download BMTC Live Tracking App

You can download the App from Android Play Store or Apple iPhone Store.

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