Chakra Dam

The Chakra Dam is constructed across the river Chakra. The dam stands in a small town called Chakra Nagar near the city of Shimoga in the Shimoga district of Karnataka. The dam was built to act as a balancing reservoir and to feed water into the Linganamakki reservoir. But the dam does not have sluice gate to the Linganamakki Dam. It serves the purpose of irrigation in the surrounding areas. The Chakra dam is a project managed by Karnataka Power Transmission Corporation Limited (KPTCL).

The construction of the dam was completed in the year 1985. This rock-fill type of dam has a length of 570 meters. The dam rises to a maximum height of 84 meters above its foundation. The gross storage capacity of the dam at full reservoir level (FRL) is 222.6 mcm. The dam has a live storage capacity of 133 mcm.

The Chakra dam is a wonderful destination surrounded by scenic beauty on all sides. The abundance of nature and the calm atmosphere of the place attract visitors from far and near. People love visiting the place to enjoy a quiet time away from the hectic city life.