Chara Basaveshwara Temple, Shahpur

Shahapur is famous for Chara Basaveshwara Temple which is surrounded by hills in all directions. The annual function called as "Jatre" is celebreted every year in the month of April. Thousands of people gather for this special event. They believe that Charabasava will provide health,wealth & prosparity to whole family. The main attraction of this occasion is "bullock festival", thousands of bullocks from different parts of surrounding districts gather here for trade, which used to take place for nearly 10 days. By the side of Charabasava Temple A Large Fort is there. which had seven gates to enter. Within the fort 7 canons are still present in good condition.As per the Historians the construction period of this fort was between 950AD to 1100 AD. Till the attack of Aurangazebs General Afzal Khan we don't know the pre history of this fort. Mandakini Lake is situated within the fort and the "Lotus Lake" or the "Thavara Keri" Beside the Fort surrounded by hills.

According to mythology "Sagar Chakravarti" was grand father of "Bhagiratha" who brought river goddess Ganga to earth for cleans his ancestor's sins. Mandakini was the result of Sagar king's tapasya.