Chelavara Waterfalls

Chelavara Waterfalls is an ambushed but majestic stream-falls in Virajpet. Chelavara falls is an ideal place for budding trekkers and nature lovers. Reaching this place is full of fun and adventurous as one has to cruse through the countryside crossroads all along. You will have to walk for about a kilometer from the parking area to reach the falls. It is fairly easy to climb to the falls, but the incline and trail difficulty increases dramatically in the next few miles if you choose to continue beyond. Two kilometers from the falls is another enigmatic Hill, an ideal spot to enjoy the sunset. This falls is often miss-spelled as Chalvera Falls, which is incorrect.

It is more like a mini-trekking. People with knee pain might face difficulties. Older generation might not enjoy the trip to Chelavara falls. Do not leave children unattended at anytime. Carry all necessary things along with you, as there are no shops in the vicinity. It is advisable to take along water bottle, towel (if you intend to get into the water), eatables , first aid kit and a camera Try as much to wear trekking boots or sport shoes and avoid wearing slippers, sandals, high heels, formal/office shoes etc. Be extremely careful when you get into water in Coorg as it might cost you your sweet life. Safety first ! Location of Chelavara Waterfalls is Chelavara village (Madikeri-Murnad-9 kms into Virajpet Road-deviation-Kadanga Town-Chelavara village).