Chikka Madhure Shani Mahatma Temple

Sri Shani Mahatma Temple, Kanasawadi is located at a distance of 14 Km from Nelamangala on Nelamangala - Doddaballapur Road in Doddaballapur taluk, Karnataka. This place is also called as Chikka Madhure. The temple is equally important and sacred like Shaneshwara Temple at Pavagada in Tumkur district. Distance from Rajanukunte to Chikka Madurai Road, Karnataka is 18.8 km and takes around 35 min via Madhure Temple Road.

Sri Shani Mahatma Temple is dedicated to Lord Shani Mahatma (Saturn), one of the planets in Hindu Astrology. Shani or Shanishwara is one of the nine planets in Hindu astrology. Shanishwara is an embodiment of Saturn. He is the son of Suryadeva and his second wife Chaya Devi. He is one of the most feared and revered astrological deities.

The Shani Mahatma Temple located at Chikka Madhure was constructed by Ganga Hanumaiah, a local farmer. The temple attracts devotees in huge numbers especially on Saturdays of Shravana Masa (beginning in late July and ending in the third week of August). It is believed that one can get rid of or lessen the negative effects of Sade sathi or Ashtama Shani or Panchama Shani on worshipping or by offering special poojas to Sri Shaneshwara Temple at Chikka Madhure.

In support of this you can see lot of people offering Ellu Batti to the fireplace right in front of the temple. 'Ellu Batti' means black sesame seeds are put into small pieces of cloth and are tied with black thread and this is dipped in Gingelly oil (Sesame oil).

Annual Festival

The annual festivals in which an idol of Shanishwara is taken out on a procession on a chariot attract a lot of devotees. People come to this temple to pray to Lord Shanimahayhma and to offer Ellu Batti - black sesame seeds tied up in a piece of cloth and soaked in gingelly oil. This offering is believed to please Lord Shanishwara.

Address & Phone Number:
Sri Shani Mahatma Temple
Sri Kshetra Kanasawadi (Chikka Madhure)
Phone Number: +91 - 80 - 7653723

Temple Timings:
6 AM to 8 PM. Maha Poooja is done at 8 PM every day.

Distance by Road from Kanasawadi or Chikka Madhure

Nelamangala to Chikka Madhure16.6 km
Doddaballapur to Chikka Madhure 18 Km
Bangalore to Chikka Madhure 40 Km

Distance from Nayanda Halli to kanasawadi, Chikka Madhure is 44.2 km and travelling takes around 1 h 6 min via NH75 and Nelamangala - Chikkaballapura. Distance from Nelamangala to Chikka Madhure is 16.6 km and takes around 24 min via Nelamangala Road/Nelamangala - Chikkaballapura.

How To Reach Chikka Madhure

By private vehicle: Reach Nelamangala which is on the Bangalore - Pune Highway. Get into Nelamangala town and then take towards Doddaballapur road.

By Bus: If you plan to travel by bus, take a Bangalore Metro bus to Nelamangala. From Nelamangala, you should catch another bus to take you to Madhure, on Doddabellapore road. If you are planning to use a car, take the Bangalore - Pune highway till you reach Nelamangala. From Nelamangala take the road to Doddabellapore.

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