Dodda Ganesha Temple

Dodda Ganesha Temple is located on the Bull Temple Road in Basavanagudi, Bangalore. This ancient temple is found just next to Bull temple and close to Bugle Rock Park. Dodda Ganesha Temple is one of the popular landmarks in Bangalore.

Dodda Ganesha Temple at Basavanagudi was constructed by Kempegowda I, the founder of Bangalore. Once upon a time while he was strolling, he found a number of rocks and one of the boulders had a shape of Ganesha engraved on them. Kempegowda, therefore ordered his sculptors to convert the shape into a massive as well as fantastic single stone idol of Lord Ganesha. The huge Ganesha of this popular temple is 18 ft tall in height and 16 ft wide. The lord is also generally known as Shakthi Ganapathi or Satya Ganapthi. It is usually believed that the idol of Dodda Ganesha Temple at Basavanagudi is growing on its right side.

The Dodda Ganesha Temple at Basavanagudi attracts devotees from different localities of Bangalore. Devotees come here to get blessings of Lord Ganapathi. What make this Ganapathi idol more eye-catching to the people is, the different sorts of decorations which are done during the week. One of the most famous decorations is the butter coating (Benne Alankara) to the idol. Over 100 KGs of butter (Benne) is needed for to apply to the idol of Dodda Ganesha Temple.

Entry timings are from Morning 7 AM to 12.30 PM and Evening: 5.30 PM to 8.30 PM.

Sri Dodda Ganapathi Temple,
Bull Temple Road,
Basavanagudi, Bangalore

There are 32 prominent forms of Lord Ganesha as stated in 'Mudgala Purana' dedicated to Lord Ganesha and are known as '32 Mudgala GanapathigaLu' - Bala Ganapathi, Taruna Ganapathi, Veera Ganapathi, Shakthi Ganapathi, Bhakthi Ganapathi, Ucchhishta Ganapathi, Vighna Ganapathi, Kshipra Ganapathi, Haridra Ganapathi, Sankashtahara Ganapathi, Yoga Ganapathi, Simha Ganapathi, Dwimukha Ganapathi, Trimukha Ganapathi, Durga Ganapathi, Lakshmi Ganapathi, Heramba Ganapathi, Maha Ganapathi, Kshipra Prasada Ganapathi, Urdhva Ganapathi, Ekakshara Ganapathi, Vijaya Ganapathi, Nrithya Ganapathi, Tryakshara Ganapathi,Runa-vimochana Ganapathi, Dhundi Ganapathi, Vara Ganapathi, Bhakthi Ganapathi, Siddhi Ganapathi, Heramba Ganapathi, Ekadanta Ganapathi, Srishti Ganapathi and Dwija Ganapathi.

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