Jaladurga Waterfalls

Jaladurga Waterfalls is a fortified village in Raichur district of Karnataka about 20 km northeest of Lingsugur town. The Adil Shahi Kings of Bijapur built the fort. Meadows Taylor has given a fine description of this fort in his book, "Noble Queen" (1874). The Krishna River cascades down here and is known as the Jaladurga Falls. This is one of the famous tourist destinations in this region. It has natural beauty with thrilling views.

Jaladurga has the unique island Fort on a hill, literally means in Kannada fort on water. it is 13 km from Lingsugur, the Krishna river flows east side around the hill and the approach from surrounding areas is difficult and ideal place for a Fort. There were seven gates. Actually there are no particular record to prove that the fort was once a stronghold of the Adilshahis of Bijapur. The fort is in ruined status. on the top of the fort once had a palace and a cellar.[1] There are a few tombs of the kings, no identification, there is Sangameshwara Matha, temple of Yellamma. The sides of the river Krishna is not sandy, it is full of smooth boulders and it is called as Mandhana Maduvu. At Jaladurga there is a small stone inscription written in Urdu and Devanagari script. Quilla is at one side, which used to watch enemies track. Also for punishment and all there was burza, which was in ruined nature. To go to Jajadurga, people will use Halabhavi route.

According to local belief, there is a box like stone hidden in the river, which contain a lakh of the verses of the great saint Basavanna and are hidden secret from the rest of the world.

Jaladurga Fort

Jaladurga Fort is located in the Lingsugur taluk under the Raichur district in Karnataka. It is situated picturesquely on a hill that stands at the edge of on an island in the Krishna River at a distance of around 8 miles from the Lingsugur town. One portion of the fort overlooks the river gorge of Krishna. A bridge connects the island to the mainland.

The Jaladurga Fort was constructed by the rulers of the Adil Shahi Dynasty of Bijapur. The fort served as an important structure during the regime of the Adil Shahi Dynasty. It is believed that there is a particular spot inside the fort from where the enemies and culprits were thrown off to the river or to the boulders lying at the base of the hill. Even imagining about the steep drop can be a scary thought for anyone. The centuries old fort was under the control of many rulers from time to time.

However, one thing has remained the same at the fort even today. The fort site still offers amazing view of the surroundings. The Narayanpur dam on the far west side, the blue river dividing into two down below the hill and the lush green slopes to the east of the fort all make for scenic views from the historic spot where the fort stood once with pride. The fort site is under the possession of Government of Karnataka.

Jaladurga is a unique fort that was built on a hill and commands a magnificent view of the river gorge of Krishna. The name Jaladurga is due to its exceptional location; Jaladurga in the local Kannada language means 'fort on water'. The fort was strategically built to take advantage of the location. The Krishna River surrounds the hill and the village located nearby. The river and the hill made it difficult for anyone to approach the fort without being noticed. As such, it was an ideal place for a fort. However, the strategically built fort is in a ruined condition today. Only dilapidated walls, ruined bastions and run-down structures can be found at the spot. Even the gateways are in a sorry state and resemble nothing of their glorious past.

The fort had seven gateways, as was the common rule for forts. The fort also had a beautiful palace and a cellar apart from many other structures inside the fortified premises. There were strong and high walls and ramparts surrounding the fort. Even today a few tombs of the rulers of the fort can be found inside the fort, though there are no identification tags to determine their identities.

One can see the Sangameshwara Matha and the temple of Yellamma while crossing the gateways to reach the innermost premises of the fort. The temple of Yellamma is a simple shrine that has the deity�s face in a fiery red colour. It is believed that an underground escape tunnel also existed that connected the fort to a place outside, but now the route is covered by stones and wild growth.

Lingsugur has a bus stand that connects it to many towns and cities of Karnataka. There are regular bus services available from Bangalore, Bijapur, Belgaum and various other places to reach Lingsugur. Taxis, cabs and private vehicles can also be hired to reach the town of Lingsugur. The fort can be reached by even an auto rickshaw from Lingsugur.